Getting Others to ‘Vote’ for Your Business

Every business owner would love to have tons of positive feedback and support from outside sources.  Customers, media, and just plan anyone giving positive feedback on your website or business is the best thing you can ask for as in your business.  In honor of Election Day, here are three ways you can start to get more ‘votes’ for your business:


1) Say/Do Something that Matters

People connect to things that matter to them.  That inspire them.  Uplift them.  Change them.  What are you creating or saying that will have an impact on your audience?  What will motivate them to share you and your content/products with others.  When you do something that matters, it will resonate with others and will create additional goodwill for what you do.


2) Serve Someone

Find someone that you can help and take the take to help them.  This should be something that you are doing on a daily basis.  It doesn’t have to be something major because everything that we do to help others out is impactful.  Try to find a way that you can use your professional talents to make a difference in the lives of others and build them up.  By serving, you are able to connect with your humanity and that allows you to better connect with others and improve your perspective that that of your business.


3) Create a New Connection

Meet someone new every day.  It can be a new online connection.  A phone call.  Or even in person.  Just take time everyday to expand your network and get to know other people.  Find ways that will allow you to shine and feel comfortable with the connection.  Find people with complementary skills, sites and interests.  Share with them and allow them to share with you.  Build on the connections that you make and this will help to build the standing of your business.

TSU is the new kid on the block


Recently, it appears to be the time of the ‘new’ social media network.  With a different one popping up each week it can sometimes be difficult to keep things straight.  This week, I came across Tsu which is actually a pretty interesting concept.  While the look and feel of the site is very similar to a cross between Twitter and Facebook, it has an interesting element.  The users share in the revenue.  Now, I honestly don’t know how that will work out and what their valuation model is, but it is great to see creative entrepreneurs trying new things out.

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Creating Teams for Your Business

What types of teams do you have in your business?  Are you even big enough to have teams?

Building teams within and for your business is a great asset and is something that can be accomplished whether you are a solo or in a larger organization.  Here are  three things to consider when building teams:

1)  What is the purpose of your teams?

Write it down.  Map it out.  Make sure that you can clearly explain the purpose of the team, so that when it is created, that can be effectively communicated to each member.  This will help you in building teams regardless of the size of your organization.

2) Who best accomplishes the purposes of the various teams?

The whole point to creating a team is because by the group working together, more will be accomplished than if they were separate.  Because that is the case, it is critical to make sure that all members of the team work well together and have the technical capabilities to meet the needs and purposes of the team.  Initially, it is critical to have an effective evaluation process established.  Ensure that this is the case by getting appropriate feedback from all members of the team.

3) How will you track the effectiveness of using teams?

It is important to establish what you are going to measure for the teams within your organization.  This should be tied directly to the goals that you have and should be consistently evaluated to ensure that you are getting the information that you need to be most effective.