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Getting Others to ‘Vote’ for Your Business

Every business owner would love to have tons of positive feedback and support from outside sources.  Customers, media, and just plan anyone giving positive feedback on your website or business is the best thing you can ask for as in your business.  In honor of Election Day, here are three ways you can start to get more ‘votes’ for your business: 1) Say/Do Something that Matters People connect to things that matter to them.  That inspire them.  Uplift them.  Change them.  What are you creating or saying that will have an impact on your audience?  What will motivate them to share you and your content/products with others.  When you do something that matters, it will resonate with others and will create additional goodwill for what you do.   2) Serve Someone Find someone that you can help and take the…

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TSU is the new kid on the block

Recently, it appears to be the time of the ‘new’ social media network.  With a different one popping up each week it can sometimes be difficult to keep things straight.  This week, I came across Tsu which is actually a pretty interesting concept.  While the look and feel of the site is very similar to a cross between Twitter and Facebook, it has an interesting element.  The users share in the revenue.  Now, I honestly don’t know how that will work out and what their valuation model is, but it is great to see creative entrepreneurs trying new things out. Feel free to connect with me:  

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Creating Teams for Your Business

What types of teams do you have in your business?  Are you even big enough to have teams? Building teams within and for your business is a great asset and is something that can be accomplished whether you are a solo or in a larger organization.  Here are  three things to consider when building teams: 1)  What is the purpose of your teams? Write it down.  Map it out.  Make sure that you can clearly explain the purpose of the team, so that when it is created, that can be effectively communicated to each member.  This will help you in building teams regardless of the size of your organization. 2) Who best accomplishes the purposes of the various teams? The whole point to creating a team is because by the group working together, more will be accomplished than if they…

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Facing Adversity

Adversity is something that all people face.  It can come in the form of a job loss, health issues or family concerns.  What makes us successful is not in whether or not we have adversity, but how we face that adversity and what we make of ourselves.  

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Why You Should Write Down Your Motivations

Running a small business is full of challenges and opportunities.  People that decide to start a new business do so for different reasons, but it is important to know why you do it.  For example, one of my motivations for starting my own law practice was to be able to manage my own schedule and truly help people in a way that was unique to me and my personality. People are motivated by money, opportunities, passion, problem-solving, etc.  When we have something that really drives us and motivates us to improve, it is important to keep that drive when the challenges arise in our business.  On of the easiest ways to stay focused on our motivations is to write them down. When we write something down, it make it feel real and tangible.  It gives us something to see and…

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Creating Daily Connections In Your Business

Who did you connect with today?

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Don’t Worry… It’s Just Business

Often one of the biggest impediments to taking the leap and starting a new business is overcoming fear.  We may have a good idea, something that we are more passionate about, but we are afraid to leave the comfort of our current situation.  Don’t worry, it is normal to be nervous; especially when we are consider major changes.  Here are three things to consider that may be able to help you overcome your worries. 1) Prioritize One of the most important things to do when considering starting your own business is to sit down and evaluate what your priorities are.  Do you have a family?  Are you the primary income source?  What are your family and personal needs?  How will those needs be met while you are developing your business?  It is critical that you evaluate your priorities and determine…

What Did You See Today?

I walk a lot (to and from the office) and I use it as a time to look around and see things.  I have found that the ability to observe and understand the world around us is what truly brings meaning and understanding to what we are involved in.  It might be opening your eyes to the needs of a friend or a neighbor.  Finding a solution to the challenges that your clients and customers are facing.  Ultimately, it is the ability to find the beauty in the world around us. As a business owner, are you talking time to observe the things that are going on around you?  Do you know how your business is doing?  Do you understand the needs and concerns of your employees?  Do you know what you can do to become even more successful?  By…

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Making Friends and Improving Business

Quite simply, business is about relationships.  Customers buy products and services that they feel connected to.  That is why you should put the same effort into building business relationships that you do in building friendships. Think about how you interact with your friends.  You want to spend time with them.  You share with them and you support them despite their shortcomings.  These connections that bring so much meaning to our life should be the driving force behind how and why we do business. Too often, we get so caught up in the dollars that go into our business (or out of our business), that we miss out on the beautiful connections that we are making.  We would do well to spend a little more time connecting within and throughout our business and a little less time obsessing over ‘the numbers.’…

Brick And Mortar Stores Vs. Virtual Stores

We live in an age where new technology is constantly supplanting old ways of doing things. This phenomenon has had a largely positive impact on commerce, increasing efficiency and aiding the spread of new information and products. But it has also complicated the choices available to those who are starting a business for the first time. Many new business owners are wondering: “Is having a traditional brick and mortar store worth the trouble?” To provide some context, and make the decision-making process a bit less agonizing, here are some of the pros and cons of tangible brick institutions versus virtual business models. Brick and Mortar Stores: The Pros and Cons Pros: Humans are material beings. Prior to purchasing, many consumers like to be able to physically touch and inspect whatever it is their buying. For a certain set of people,…

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2 Questions to Ask Your Small Business Lawyer

Owning and operating a small business does involve certain levels of risk that a small business owner needs to be aware of.  One of the best ways to manage risk is to hire a small business lawyer to help you manage that risk.  When meeting with your lawyer, make sure that you are aware of what they can and cannot do for you in manage risk.  Given the importance of being able to work in conjunction with your lawyer, here are 2 questions that will help you to better understand the services that a small business lawyer can provide to you: 1) How should I set up my company? Every small business owner needs to know the various business entities and what types of protections they offer.  Because every business is unique, it is an important exercise to walk through…

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Don’t Hold Back Your Internet Marketing

By now, almost all business owners and managers know how important Internet marketing is. However, many are reluctant to invest heavily into online marketing, and some lose a considerable amount of consumer interest because of this. When it comes to marketing online, it is important to avoid holding back; here are a few of the reasons why Internet marketing is so important and why significant resources should be devoted to it. Long-Term Results SEO is one of the cornerstones of digital marketing, but it takes time to see results. It may take months to see increased traffic through SEO, and the full effect may not take place or years. However, investing in SEO is one of the most efficient ways to increase interest in a business, and those who make the investment can help ensure that they are maximizing their…

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Helpful Tips On Finding Teaching Jobs Abroad

There are many reasons why one would want to teach abroad. Teaching abroad helps you to experience different cultures, climate and cuisine. It also helps you break the monotony of working in your country. It may also help you fulfil your passion of teaching children from developing countries. English is the primary language that many teach abroad. With English becoming the principal language of international trade, many countries in Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe have found it necessary to have their nationalities learn the language. Teachers who teach math and sciences are also in high demand. It is not easy to secure a job abroad without assistance. Fortunately, there are many ways one can use. International service programs Programs like Peace Corps and world teach offer a way to travel abroad and teach there. By participating in their work…

The Importance Of Risk Management In An Organisation

These uncertain economic times have had a major effect on how companies these days operate. Companies that used to operate smoothly with the help of forecasts and projections now refrain from making business judgments that are set in stone. Now, companies have a renewed focus: to manage risk. Risk is the main cause of uncertainty in any organisation. Thus, companies these days focus more on identifying risks and managing them before they even affect the business. The ability to manage risk will help companies act more confidently on future business decisions. Their knowledge of the risks they are facing will give them various options on how to deal with potential problems. According to a survey conducted by advisory firm PPB, risk is defined in this manner: “Organisations face internal and external actors and influences that make it uncertain whether, when,…

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6 Ideas You Can Steal From Online Marketing

When it comes to marketing, there are many ideas that a business can steal. Online marketing has its own set of challenges and benefits, and the information below may help. 1. Build the Brand It is vital for a business to build its brand. This implies spreading the word about the business around the community. The business may also choose to create a website that talks to potential customers and clients around the world. 2. Communicate With Customers Every business owner knows that it is necessary to stay on the good side of customers. One online marketing idea deals with talking to customers and answering their questions in a timely manner. Customers will appreciate the gesture, and the business may demonstrate the ability to care and pay attention. 3. Offer Rewards and Incentives Customers are likely to come back to…

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The Long, Hard Journey In The Pursuit Of Creative Excellence

The ethos of practice making something perfect as well as the concept that a great idea is just another thought away are certainly over-used clichés, but there is no getting away from the fact that there are usually no shortcuts when it comes to coming up with worthwhile innovations. In the world of graphic design and the creative industries this is known only too well as businesses compete to ensure that their brands actually stand out and have a genuine message to say, whether this is through the written word or visual image. Web design companies spend a great deal of time working on concepts for their clients so that their website and marketing exploits go hand in hand. These days, there is absolutely no excuse for a business not to have a social media presence and the design of…

Landing Page Mistakes That Ruin Conversation Rates

Generating traffic to a landing page, regardless of whether it’s an email opt-in page, a sales page, a video landing page, or some other form of a landing page is typically the easy part. The hard part comes in getting the users that land on your page to actually take the action that you want them to. If errors are made on the landing page, your conversion rates go down, causing a lack of purchases or submission of user information, which was your goal to begin with. To start with, avoid making the following landing page mistakes. Unclear Call To Action Many people have too many words on their landing page, making it hard for a user to figure out exactly what is wanted of them. If your landing page immediately confuses the reader with overcrowding and too many options,…

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Starting Your Own Freelancing Business – What You Should Know

Owning and operating a small business is exciting, stressful and fun. However, there are many things to keep in mind and constantly consider. Small businesses have tremendously changed over the past decade and especially over the past few years. As the internet evolves, people are changing their ways of doing business and making money. You no longer need to open up a business, or work for a corporation to earn a steady income. The internet has allowed average people to take their skills, turn them into services, and get clients. Creating a Name You may be wondering whether or not you should personalize your business name or not. For example, if your last name was Smith, should your business be named “Smith’s Writing Services”? Creating a business name is one of the most exciting things you get to do. Think…