3 Clever Ways to Advertise Your Event

Planning a successful event takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and creativity. Arranging and running the event is only half the battle. If no one shows up for it, the event itself simply can’t be a success. Fortunately there are a variety of ways that event organizers can effectively get the word out without spending too much of their advertising budgets.


This massive website can be used for more than just selling a used car, finding a roommate, or setting up your next blind date. In the Community sections of the metropolitan pages, there is a sub-category called “Events.” Here you can post a listing for your event at no cost to you. The caveat is that you are relying on your potential event attendees being able to find your listing and getting the necessary information about the event.

Door Hangers

This type of advertising is not solely limited to pizzerias and dry cleaners. Savvy event promoters have used door hangers to quickly let an entire community know about an upcoming event. Unlike the similar approach of using direct mail, door hangers do not have the added expense of postage to be able to deliver their message. With a bit of research, individuals can be hired to accomplish the task of getting as many door hangers hung as possible in a localized area. The major drawback is finding a printer who can generate them for a cost-effective amount.

Custom Vinyl Banners

Another great way to advertise an event is through the use of vinyl signs. Vinyl signs can be seen just about everywhere. From front lawns, to the backs of benches, to attach to vehicles driving around town, Custom Vinyl Banners are versatile and visible. When placed in high traffic locations, they can be quite powerful in generating a buzz about an upcoming event. A plus of vinyl signs is that they are resilient to weather, and therefore can be used outdoors without worry. Many people are also quite surprised in the fact that having signs made is quite affordable.

There’s no need to break the bank in trying to get the ideal number of people to visit the event you are planning. For most event organizers, every penny counts.

Author Bio

Lyndsi is a full-time event planner and part-time freelance writer. In her free time she enjoys cooking and spending time with her family in Arizona.

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