If you are a business owner who wonders what Pinterest is and don’t know whether or not it’s something to learn about for your business, then it most likely is! Launched in 2010, Pinterest is a photo-sharing website that uses pinboards so its users can create and manage image collections based on themes. In short, Pinterest is all about sharing visual content. The site has gained considerable momentum during the past year or two and is now being used by businesses and brands so that they too can share their photos and stories in a visually appealing way to amp up sales.

For example’s sake, we’ll assume that you are in the business of selling landscape lighting for the home. Let’s take a look at how you can leverage Pinterest to help you sell more lighting.

Setting Up Your Account

It’s super easy to set up a business account on Pinterest. Take the time to fill out all the details and profile info for your business page. Once you’re done, click ‘Join as a Business’ wherein you’ll be asked to agree to the privacy and business terms of service agreements and that’s it!

Setting up your Pinboard

Your pinboards are the categories where your shared content will be located. For your business, you’ll want to ‘pin’ or post photos of your landscape lighting here. You’ll also need to consider what other things your prospective customers would be interested in such as lighting technology, useful websites and so on. You’ll be prompted to enter the basic info about your board such as its name, category and who can pin there and then you click “Create Board”. You’ll need to choose the correct category so that people can find your pins so choose with care.

How to Pin

A pin starts with an image or video of your landscape lighting. You can use the “Pin it” bookmarklet to add a pin from your business site or upload a photo directly from your PC. It’s important to know that any pin is allowed to be re-pinned and all pins link back to their source.

It’s crucial to pin things that express who you are and what your business is all about so be human and remember that Pinterest does have a social aspect to it. If you can attract your targeted audience to your pinboard and give them what they’d like to share, you will drive traffic to your landscape lighting website. Make the effort to share exciting information about lighting you find online at other blogs and sites and encourage people to share your photos, videos and blog as much as possible.

To have a photo identified as a product for sale, you need to include a price with a dollar symbol in your pin description. Pins with a dollar value in them are automatically added to the ‘Gifts’ section on Pinterest. When pinning your products, add the url link of the product into the comment section so people don’t have to search for your landscape lighting but instead can simply click-through to your purchasing page.

Put a Pin it Button On Your Website and Blog

Finally, to ensure that all of your website and blog content is pinnable, place a ‘Pin it’ button on your site and blog. Make sure it shows next to your blog posts and images that you want others to share. Because Pinterest is all about image sharing, you need to be sure that your images are of very good quality.

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