Blog Promotion Strategies

In this day and age of social media, blogging is still a viable way of generating income. Like always, though, the key is promotion. And, like in any business, the product that you are promoting – in this case your blog’s content – must be attractive to your blog’s visitors. Therefore, updating your blog regularly with fresh, relevant, high-quality content is the first priority in blog promotion. Visitors are not likely to revisit a blog if it is outdated and its content is of poor quality, no matter what strategy you used to get them there the first time.

Ironically, one of the best promotion tools that today’s bloggers have are social networks. What began as a forum for exchanging thoughts, ideas, and images by ordinary people has morphed into a fertile consumer breeding ground to be exploited by the business community. Consequently, mainstream businesses – who initially shunned social networks – have done an about-face and established their own social media presence. Therefore, any serious blogger would be remiss if he neglected to take into account the potentially explosive impact social networking sites could have on his blog’s traffic.

The question now becomes, just how does a blogger take advantage of this smorgasbord of potential viewers? Well, one of the newest and more innovative ways of generating traffic is through YouTube views. YouTube is the largest video networking site in the world with millions – if not billions – of views each day, creating an almost limitless supply of viewers for your blog. But, just how do you go about tapping into this limitless reservoir and translating video viewers into blog readers? Simple: create a video highlighting what your blog has to offer.

For example, you can produce a video overview of you explaining what your blog is all about. It may even be a good idea to read a couple of your articles, and some of the responses, on the video to give the viewer a more in-depth look at what he’ll find there. Also, and this is extremely important, make sure that your blog’s web address is prominently displayed on the video so that the viewer can easily find it.

However, just making a video and uploading it to YouTube isn’t enough. Millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube each day. So, just how do you keep yours from being lost in the mix? Well, there is a way.

Have you ever wondered why some videos seem to go viral almost overnight and others never see the light of day? Well, the producers of those videos have learned a secret that you, too, can now take advantage of. All that is required of you to level the playing field is for you to make small investment to jumpstart your video’s viewership. Then, sit back and watch your YouTube views multiply exponentially. And, since you were wise enough to include your blog’s web address in the video, tens of thousands of interested viewers will now be exposed to it.

Now you’re probably wondering just how to go about buying YouTube views. Well, that’s the easy part. Since the secret of jump starting video viewership was discovered, a number of web sites have sprung up where you can buy YouTube views cheap. A simple web search is all it takes to find one. Once there, you’ll find a number of pricing packages to choose from. Simply choose the one that best fits your budget and watch your blog’s viewership take off!

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