Business: 5 Ways To Reduce The Number Of Sick Days Your Employees Take


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There’s nothing worse than having a high number of sick days within your business. It can affect production, employee morale, and even relations between management and employees can become strained if people are constantly on sick leave. You might feel that you’re trapped in this cycle of employees taking sick leave too often, but easy solutions are at hand to ensure that sick days are not getting out of control. So what are the five ways that you can reduce the number of sick days your employees take?

Be clear and consistent with your sick leave policy.

Make sure that every employee is fully aware of the process of taking sick leave and be supportive about it. If you treat some employees differently to others, concerning disciplinary action for example, others will feel alienated and thus, they might be more likely to take sick days more often. Some sick days are inevitable, but making it clear that every member of the business will be treated equally regarding sick leave policy, will ensure that everyone knows where they stand.

Give rewards for those with no absences.

Providing incentives for actively reducing the number of sick days that employees take will motivate them to come into work. The rewards can be as simple as a small gift, like flowers or a box of chocolates, or even promising them some extra holiday.

Create a happy working environment.

One of the main reasons that employees take more sick days than necessary is unhappiness in the work place. Be transparent with your employees, inform them of any changes or new directions being taken in the business, and try to encourage employees to bond and get along with each other. Why not organise a meal out together for both management and employees, to get to know each other a bit more.

Encourage exercise.

Being stuck in an office all day with no fresh air can mean a  greater spread of germs Encourage employees to use their breaks to go out for a walk, together if possible. Getting some fresh air can even motivate people to do more work when they return to the office.

Ensure that germs are not easily spread in the office.

The most effective way of reducing the number of sick days employees take is to make sure that the office is a clean, sanitary environment. Employing commercial cleaners London can help to minimise the spread of germs, as well as having antibacterial hand wash readily available around the office.

There are a number of ways that you can reduce the number of sick days taken, and having a mixture of the ways above will see that numbers of absences fall. Create a sanitary, happy working environment and you’re on the way to keeping the number of sick days to a minimum. Got any more suggestions on how to reduce the number of sick days your employees take? Post them below!

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