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Great Business Apps To Help You Run Your Business


Owning and running your own business can be an extremely difficult thing. It’s somewhat like a one man show and all your bases need to be covered for it to run successfully. You need all of the help you can get and one source of this help is from the many business apps that can help you do your job to the best of your ability. In this interesting and informative article, we look at the top apps for business that one can use from their iPhone mobile and iPad.

Top Mobile Business Apps


This is one of the best business apps for running a business and it can help significantly. The Invoice2go helps you create invoices as well as estimates on your iPhone or iPad. You can create a comprehensive list of all of your billable items and also use their other offering; the Receipts2go for client specific products. Even more helpful and convenient, invoices can be emailed and printed directly from the mobile business app.

Docusign Ink

Printing not only can be a costly element of your business, but it is also bad for the environment. The Docusign Ink business app eliminates the need to both print and scan documents that need to be signed. This business app lets you sign all relevant documentation electronically. One can either import the document through a cloud drive, or alternatively and very conveniently, take a picture using your mobile device. Docusign Ink works by converting the document that needs to be signed and then places a preloaded signature on the needed document.

Bento 4 iPad

This is one of the newest business apps available on iPad and its design makes it incredibly easier to both document and process data. It’s a type of spreadsheet tool that allows you to merge your tables with text as well as images by simply dragging and dropping boxes on to one of their 40 free templates. The Bento 4 iPad, one of the top mobile business apps is perfect for sales meetings where one needs to create and present a product catalogue. One can also create a comprehensive contact list and even manage a project that has many steps to it.


Travelling is a major element of many businesses and it can become stressful if one is not organised. Well among the many mobile business apps available on the market, the Concur is specifically designed for the frequent flyer. You can use Concur for an array of things from booking hotels, to checking your airline reservations and even managing your itinerary. While you are running around from meeting to meeting, let this convenient business app track your expenses as you go. Definitely one of the best business apps for travellers.

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Too Many Business Cards? ‘CardMunch’ Them!

How often do we get back from a networking event with a stack full of business cards that we are not sure what we are going to do with them?  I know that I have stacks and stacks of business cards that never actually made it as a part of my contacts.  Recently, I was doing some research on ways to make it easier to transition those cards from afterthoughts to being actual contacts that I can use.  I came across the CardMunch app from LinkedIn.

CardMunch Splash Screen















CardMunch is an intuitive and free app that allows you to take a photo of the business card that you just received and that convert that card into a contact.  That contact then can be added to your phone’s contact list for easier access.

Step 1: Take a photo:

CardMunch Card Photo Taking














Just line up the card in the screen and take a photo.  Upon submission, the photo of the card is transcribed into a usable contact as such:

CardMunch Contact List














The individual contact displays as follows:

CardMunch Contact














The best news of all?  The app is FREE!  I also found the ability to connect via LinkedIn to be a very useful feature as it deepens the connection with the new contact.

I personally have enjoyed using CardMunch but would love to hear what apps work for your contact management.  Please leave a comment below with your insights and suggestions.

* All photos are from the CardMunch App page at the iTunes App Store.