Helpful Tips On Finding Teaching Jobs Abroad

There are many reasons why one would want to teach abroad. Teaching abroad helps you to experience different cultures, climate and cuisine. It also helps you break the monotony of working in your country. It may also help you fulfil

The Benefits of Furthering Your Education through Business Training Courses

Professional development in the business field is extremely important. Furthering the education of employees benefits the whole company. Any time an employee’s goals are considered along with the goals of a company, everyone wins. There are many training courses in

The Education Bubble

In 2012 the average student graduates from college $25,000 in debt. With college tuition rising faster than inflation – and the job market for new graduates the most difficult it’s been in decades – how will students pay? The Origins

What skills do you need to be an accountant?

To become an accountant requires a good mix of ‘hard’ professional skills and ‘soft’ interpersonal skills. No matter which particular field of accountancy an individual might choose to specialise in (forensic, financial, corporate) it is important that they are good

Scheduling Tips for College Students-

One of the most exciting and puzzling things you will do as a new college student is to determine your schedule and sign up for classes. There are so many things to consider when you decide what classes to take.

Making the Most of New Responsibilities

Here is an interesting video from Harvard Business Review that discusses effective ways of dealing with new responsibilities.  What things do you do when you have new thing on your plate?

What is Your Brain Doing?

One of the defining characteristics of man is our ability to know ourselves.  If we appropriately take the time to learn about our own purpose and meaning, it can help us improve the things that we do to succeed.  Our

Things Changing? That’s OK…

It seems like things are constantly changing in the business world.  We have to make adjustments to an elastic economy and people move in and out of our lives. Success can seem to come and go and we might not

SmallBiz Counsel Video Review: Why Brains?

Here is a fascinating discussion from a neuroscientist about why we have brain.  Movement is a critical reason why we have brain. Why do you have a brain? Where is it ‘moving’ you? Listen to why:

Do You Understand the Recession?

Most people are still trying to figure out what to make of the economic downturn and come up with a good strategy going forward.  It is important as a business owner to understand the market and how it is trending.

Life-Changing Education

Are you using the tools that you have in your community to educate yourself and improve your life?  We all can grow and improve our lives through education.  Here is a great video about how a class in college can

Three Ways to Improve Proficiency Today

    One of the major things that I see both in my own business practice as well as with many of my clients is the constant effort that is needed to improve proficiency.  Because proficiency is so important to