Brick And Mortar Stores Vs. Virtual Stores

We live in an age where new technology is constantly supplanting old ways of doing things. This phenomenon has had a largely positive impact on commerce, increasing efficiency and aiding the spread of new information and products. But it has

Starting Your Own Freelancing Business – What You Should Know

Owning and operating a small business is exciting, stressful and fun. However, there are many things to keep in mind and constantly consider. Small businesses have tremendously changed over the past decade and especially over the past few years. As

How Vagueness Can Hurt Your Online Business

Any time you become convinced you have to try a new product, it’s because you got excited about the results it offered. Think of the infomercials on television showing how a product is used, how it compares to the competition

Ingredients For Cooking Up Your Homemade Business

Could 2013 be the year of the entrepreneur? It certainly seems like it could be! The sound of a home based business to many is of pure perfection, especially when they consider the perks that come with one. The biggest

When A Business Starts Over Online

Right now, I’m helping a business get through a difficult transition. They operated as a branch of a larger business and the CEO decided that they could not afford to maintain this branch of the business. Rather than close the

Ways In Which Companies Are Streamlining Business

Time is money.  It may be cliché, but in the world of business, this will always be true.  With technology making communication as quick as it can, anyone who doesn’t use it to their advantage is not maximizing their own

Turning A Great Idea Into A Multimillion Dollar Company

Everyone has a dream.  Many of the world’s greatest inventions of the past and present have started out as simply an idea. When an inventor comes up with their idea, there is no guarantee it will always work. However, as

Making Your Business Successful In 2013

If you found that 2012 was a difficult year for your business, then you may well be determined to ensure that this year is that bit better. Despite the tough economic conditions, plenty of small business owners are reporting that

Opening An Online Jewelry Business The Right Way

Opening an online jewelry business is easy, almost too easy, with services that offer the creation of websites and the option for conducting e-commerce in less than one day. However, while it’s easy to open them, maintaining them, gaining a

3 New Business Trends In 2013

As the world is constantly changing, so are business trends. Many factors influence business trends for any given year. New technologies and innovations may make certain products obsolete or put more emphasis on specific features. Changes in the economy may

Becoming Self-Employed: Making The Jump To Being Your Own Boss

Making the dream a reality Many people dream about what life would be like if we didn’t have to work for someone else. And while it’s a nice thing to dream about, I’m fairly sure that for many the idea

Small Business Health: Tips For Managing Inventory

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to successfully running a small business; properly evaluating your inventory needs is a huge piece of that puzzle. Not having enough of what you need costs you customers; having more

3 Ways Small Businesses Can Make More Money

The United States plays host to all sorts of different small businesses, which provide a wide variety of different services and products. That said, whether it’s big or small, every single company seeks to accomplish the same goal: increase profits

Starting A Family Owned Business

Today, family owned businesses are becoming more and more popular, and many people have been choosing to support these smaller businesses. A lot of parents choose to start a business in the hopes of passing the business onto their children

Obtaining ISO Accreditation

Before finding out why so many business owners struggle to obtain ISO accreditation, it’s essential to understand what ISO actually is. ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization that issues international management standards. ISO standards are divided into ISO 9000,

Leading Through Uncertainty – How Executive Coaches Can Help

Stressful situations make ordinary leadership tasks more difficult. In an economic downturn, employees look to their employers to ensure that their jobs, salaries, and benefits are secured. Even if the results are less than optimal, employees want to be certain

How Contract Logistics Can Improve Your Business

How Contract Logistics Can Improve Your Business In business, distributions can take up a larger portion of the supply chain expenses if not well maintained. Smooth, fast and efficient distribution capability can mark your business out from all the others

Four Great Ways To Boost Work Productivity

Work productivity is sometimes a difficult thing to achieve but is incredibly important when it comes to getting what you need done at work, and essentially for your success. There are many articles out there offering tips on how to

5 Of The Most Unique Ideas In The Business World

Becoming an entrepreneur requires a certain amount of thinking outside of the box and that has certainly been displayed by the people who came up with the ideas in this list. Starting a business is a tricky thing to accomplish

5 Creative Ideas For Building A Family Fun Restaurant

When it comes to having kids, everything in life changes. You suddenly have to consider the children whenever you go out. As a business owner, opening a family fun restaurant can take a lot of the worry off the parents’

David, Goliath, And Your Small Business: How To Compete With The Big Guys

It’s every small business owner’s dream to one day develop and expand their business to defeat the big conglomerates that have ruled the economy and market share for years. Not only do you want to bring great service to your

4 Reasons Your Corporation Might Not Be Protecting You

Every business owner hears it.  You have to incorporate in order to be able to protect your personal assets from business liability.  Often, though, many small business owners do not actually take the time to research and investigate what it

Dealing with Critics, Bailing Out Detroit and Other Small Business News

This is an edge of your seat sort of week for a lot of business owners with discussions of the sequester happening nationwide (except in Congress).  Here are some other pieces of business news to think about as small business