Christmas Business Party Do’s and Don’ts

Plenty of people love to show their employees how much they appreciate them with a business holiday party. When you love the idea of making sure that your employees have a great time at the business holiday party, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are doing the planning. DO Get a Number of Attendees The best way to plan a party is to make sure that you know who is going to be there. Tell your employees that they are welcome to invite their significant others or their friends, but they need to tell you who is going to be present. An easy way to inform everyone of the party is to send Christmas cards for business parties beforehand. DON’T Schedule It For Christmas Your employees might love their job, but the truth…

The Miami-Dade County Mayor’s Small Business Workshop

Here is an invitation to participate in a small business workshop with the Miami-Dade County Mayor’s office.  These always provide excellent information to small business owners.  They are also great places to network.  Keep the morning of Wednesday, January 12th 2011 open so that you can participate and share this event will all the small business owners that you know. Mayor’sSBDWkshp