If Time is Money, How Much Could You Save by Outsourcing Your Payroll?

Think back to the last time you restructured your office. You might have reduced your team, redefined roles and rearranged the furniture but what did you think to reconsider any processes that may be holding you back? It’s often the

Tips For Using A Home Office Tax Deduction

When you own your own business, there are certain perks you get to enjoy. One is the ability to write off a home office. This can make a substantial difference in the size of your income, and you don’t want

Spring Cleaning Those Finances

Getting your finances on track can often best be performed during times of change and when better than spring to give your money relationship a quick one over. So, let’s look at how you can de clutter your finances and

Here Comes Baby: Financial Planning Tips For New Parents

Expecting your first child can produce a rollercoaster of emotions; it is exciting, but it can also be terrifying in so many ways. You wonder if you will be a good parent; you may feel stress over preparing for your

How To Manage Your Company’s Inconsistent Cash Flow

Most companies, especially new businesses, have an unpredictable cash flow on a regular basis. Sales can vary due to a change of season, new promotional events, and fluctuations in the economy. Expenses will differ week to week and month to

Tax Planning Tips For A Small Business

Organizing Your Taxes Successfully running and operating a business can be quite an involved task. You have a lot on your plate and the last thing you need is to worry about tax planning. Because of this, it may be

Essential Accountancy Advice For New Small Businesses

One of the less exciting aspects of starting your own business is the fact that you have to start maintaining your own accounts. Moreover, when you are first starting out, money is tight and the chances are that you wont

Four Money Saving Tactics for Your Small Business to Try in 2013

Small businesses face a number of challenges from a variety of sources, because of their limited revenue small business success can be won or lost with a relatively small amount of money. In order to save money and help your

The Two Most Important Elements Of Business

Small business owners typically have to wear all sorts of hats in the company.  The typical small business owner may fill the role of CEO, COO, CFO, and CMO at the executive level, and it is common for the same

Business Budgeting for Start-Ups

A budget, like a business plan, is absolutely necessary for a start-up business venture. Without a budget, the owner will not know if he or she has included everything. There will be no picture what the business will look like

Asset Search- You Are Always One Step Ahead With It

In these days, every body wants to know the farthest corner of the asset locations of the targeted party. The matter is not confined to a single thing. It touches many, starting from individual, couple, divorcee, financial companies, partnership firms,

Top 20 Ways Everyone Can Save Money

The recent numbers released by the federal government show that the economy is still in neutral at best. Inflation is still outpacing income and there does not seem to be an end in sight. The only thing that most people

How Does Bankruptcy Work in Canada?

Bankruptcy in Canada is different from in other places in the world. A person goes through this procedure when he or she is having trouble paying debts. The consumer must be unable to pay back his or her creditor bills

What is the Right Finance Type for Your Company?

Does your small business need financing to take off? During the financial crisis in 2008, many financial institutions including lending companies temporarily stopped processing loans and closed the applications process altogether. The impact of such a crisis created a domino

Keeping Your Business in the Black

You’ve finished your work, the client is happy, and you’ve just sent off the invoice – now you can relax, right? Not quite yet! Just sending out your invoices isn’t enough – you need to remember that a sale isn’t

A Comprehensive Starter’s Guide To Home Office Tax Deductions

An enterprise that uses the home for business is considered a home office. It includes mobile homes, boats, apartments, condominiums, residential properties, or other venues for accommodating basic living needs. One of the advantages of a home office worker is

Alternative Ways to Make some Extra Money Online

In my experience I have found it’s possible to make a little bit of extra cash online. I’m not talking about get rich quick schemes here, basically they don’t exist.  If something seems too good to be true then it

Keep Your Business Finance Clean in Spring

Spring season is analogous to starting a new life. Spring heralds a new day, a promise of a new beginning. A promise of new opportunities for your business. There is a lesson or two to be learnt from the fresh

So, You Want Your Money?

So, You Want Your Money? If you have recently or even not so recently been awarded a settlement but are only getting your money in tiny little payments over a period of time, then this may interest you.   There is

Update Your Lighting And Improve Your Business Profits

It has been obvious to business owners for some time what a difference the lighting in the workplace can make to the efficiency and productivity of the employees. In the last decade or so, this has become even more striking,

Is My Legal Settlement Taxable?

A legal settlement is a conflict resolution between one or more parties that is made to avoid the continuation of a court case. The courts carry out the settlement. People who disregard the agreement could be sued sometimes twice if

Some Advantages to Wealth Management

The number of advantages to wealth management can equal the tax dollars you might save or the number of dollars you have acquired in your lifetime. From estate planning to charitable donations to investment advice to even private banking, wealth