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Preserving The Good Name Of Your Business

In business, one of the most important aspects of any business is the reputation of the business itself.  By upholding a good reputation, the business is telling its customers that they care about their image, as well as their customer’s opinions.

By hiring professional reputation managers, businesses of all sizes are able to breathe a bit easier about their image.

What Does A Reputation Management Service Do?

Reputation management services provide maintenance.  This is not the kind of maintenance you would order for a printer, website, or database, however it is equally as important.  These services maintain the company’s reputation.

In order to maintain a company’s reputation, in-depth searches must be done to find out what kind of information is out there regarding the company.  These searches bring up blog posts, reviews, client comments and many other every day postings on the internet that involve the business name, its employees and its owner.

If negative content is found during these searches, the reputation management provider will judge the severity of the content as well as make attempts to have the postings removed or buried in order to protect the business client’s standing.

Are Negative Product Or Service Reviews Really That Important?

Negative reviews are absolutely important.  While one or two so-so reviews may not affect the reputation of a business, five or more of these reviews can be very harmful.  A reputation management company will take immediate action to have these reviews removed, blocked, or buried due to being out-dated at all costs.

The only reviews you want out there are good reviews.  While it is a simple fact that negative reviews can and do happen, you do not want them to be in the spotlight.  Instead, you want a large number of positive reviews to pop up first when a search is made regarding the company.

Can Every Post Or Comment Be Removed?

No, not every single post or comment can be removed.  Some websites may not be willing to remove content that is not directly slanderous to the company.  However, the majority of blogs and other community sites will more than willingly remove content that is proven false, malicious, or out-dated.

Out-dated posts make up a large number of postings that are often found to be incorrect.  This is beneficial, because out-dated postings are often the easiest to have removed from circulation.  Much like a statute of limitations, most websites have a time frame which they will consider regarding old posts.  This makes the removal a simple process, as the site will not be inclined to argue the request.

Preserving the reputation of your business is very important, especially if you want to remain in business very long.  With this in mind, business owners should always be prepared to do the work necessary to improve their reputation whenever they can.  By hiring a professional management service to handle this task, they can ensure that regular monitoring is done and that their business reputation is held intact.


Tina is a freelance writer who has a strong interest in the growing industry of reputation management and managing services for business.  She often blogs about the many reasons it is important to take control of any online business or personal reputation in a proactive manner.


Service To Expect From A Commercial Property Investment Advisor

If you are dabbling your toes into the world of commercial property ownership for the first time, you could find the services of a commercial property investment advisor invaluable.

However, knowing exactly what services are on offer and what you can expect can be difficult to ascertain. Here’s a guide to what you need to know.

Commercial Property Services in a nutshell

Firms that offer commercial property advice services can be instructed to act for both tenants and landlords (although not on the same contract).  Some exclusively act for occupiers and others for landlords.  Usually made up from chartered surveyors, commercial property consultants provide advice, guidance and market experience to all types of transactions relating to commercial property.

Some of the services typically offered include valuations, property management, ratings assessments, tenant and landlord tenant disputes and of course investments.

How does Investment Advice differ?

If you are seeking investment advice on a property, you will be the owner, or prospective owner, rather than simply a tenant.

Although you may be interested in ensuring day-to-day running of the property is conducted smoothly, your primary goal is to source and purchase properties which offer outstanding investment potential, as well as possibly selling some of your portfolio if the time is right. A commercial property investment advisor can help you achieve all of those things, bringing experience and market data to help make the process much easier.

Identifying the right property


Bought for the right price, property is an investment which is usually solid, but finding the right investment opportunity where your return will be maximised can be a real skill. Whether you have £500,000 to invest or £5 million, the principles are the same. Unfortunately, there are countless stories of purchasers who failed to make the returns on their investment they were hoping for because of poorly informed choices.  Which is precisely why it is a good idea to consider using the services of a property investment advisor.

Specialists in the market, an investment advisor will be able to source properties not easily accessible to the general public, such as discounted new builds or cut-price distressed property perfect for renovation. They also have access to tools which help to predict the areas which should be targeted for maximum yield on the investment.

A reputable property investment advisor will identify and provide a selection of properties for their client to pick from but will also actively offer advice about any acquisition. Established clients can also expect to be given advice about the right times to enter and exit the market.

Having decided on the property to invest in, an advisor will negotiate on behalf of their client, taking a dynamic role in the acquisition to secure the property at the right price.

Property disposal

However, it isn’t just acquiring properties which investment advisors specialise in. They are able to help their client with any potential disposal of property from their portfolio, adopting a hands-on approach to take the sale to the market, and maximising the potential returns.

The best property investment advisors take a long-tem approach to managing their client’s assets and will advise if they believe the market conditions are not amenable to obtain a prime return.

Anything else?

The majority of clients which use the services of a property investment advisor are seeking a long-term relationship, and help with managing their portfolio and assets over an extended period of time.

This type of service inevitably includes more than simply the buying and selling of property, and  could also mean carrying out investment reviews, providing asset management advice, creating innovative marketing packages as well as helping to source equity for finance purposes.



With interest rates on savings so pitifully low, an increasing number of investors are opting to plough their money into property. A company like Ashwell Rogers Commercial can advise on all aspects of Commercial Property Investment. Remember,  this venture offers as many pitfalls as possibilities and using the services of a property investment advisor could mean accessing the expertise and knowledge needed to turn an average investment into something very special.

Image Credits: Images_of_Money and Dave Dugdale.

Improve Customer Service with Better SQL Server Performance

These days it seems that every television or magazine ad touts that company’s dedication to customer service. Business gurus write books and sell expensive seminars to teach you and your company how to be more responsive to your customers and their needs. Software providers sell expensive CRM packages to help you better manage your customer information. There seems to be no end to ways to improve customer service at all levels of your business.

But what about improving SQL Server performance as a strategy for improved customer service?  That’s right.  Your server performance may be impacting your customer service at levels no one has ever considered.

Server Performance Is a Customer Service Issue

Whether you know or not, if you have server and database performance issues, then you have customer service issues. The number one rule of customer service is to provide the service you have promised or been contracted to provide. Everything else from call centers to production to policies and customer data management is secondary.

Your SLA more than likely clearly defines performance parameters, guaranteeing a certain level of uptime and performance. If your SQL Server performance is taking you below those levels, then you are failing at customer service.

Wait Time Kills End User Productivity

Database environments are not always built with operational efficiency in mind. Often they are cobbled together out of many different types of custom applications and off the shelf solutions. Your databases may have even been built by application developers who lack the understanding of how to build for peak efficiency. As end usage increases the weaknesses in that infrastructure will inevitably result in poor performance and increased application wait time.  Can you afford wait time?

Keeping those end users happy by improving their user experience is a key customer service issue. Improving SQL Server performance through database tuning will reduce those wait times and improve customer experience without having to worry about industry jargon, buzzwords, relationship management, or other hand holding. While there is a place for those remedies, it is not in your IT department. Your job is to deliver the best service as quickly as possible.

Bypass the Call Center

If part of your company’s customer service strategy is to measure call center performance, then there is no better way to improve that metric than by decreasing the number of calls received, which is exactly what you’ll do with an increased focus on SQL Service performance as a customer service strategy.

This post on SQL Server performance was provided by Josh Stein on behalf of Confio Software.

The Gift of Giving-

The gift of giving!

Many companies are switched on these days with regards to corporate social responsibility. It is vital for any business to be visibly involved within communities, both local and further afield. It is better for business if a company is seen to care and have a human side, also consumers are more likely to spend with a company like this. Different firms have different ways in which they give. Some allow their employees to spend a certain number of paid work days a year volunteering with local charities. Others make generous donations of money or their products to those in need, usually channelled through charities also. The following article will have a quick look at two footwear companies with prevalent corporate social responsibility strategies which has made them appealing to the consumer.

Crocs and Crocs Cares

Crocs came into being in 2002, not long ago considering the extent of their popularity nowadays. Like many young companies that have succeeded by having a product that is unrivalled, filling a niche in the market.

Crocs produce foam footwear. Their most common designs in the collection takes the shape of the clog. The original purpose was as a spa shoe, easy to slip on and off, however they have been greatly received the world over and within many sectors. The style of shoe appeals to many different people including professionals, for these there are special designs, like the Crocs Specialist. The Crocs Specialist is suitable for a number of work places because it features a closed heel and is made of the exclusive material, Croslite. Croslite is a material which resists odour and bacteria.

The versatility of Crocs footwear means that by donating their shoes, Crocs can make a real impact on the lives of people in need. ‘Crocs Cares’ is the wing of Crocs that deals with charitable giving functions. They are very active in certain communities and in helping with disaster relief efforts. Crocs state that since 2007 they have given at least 2.5 million pairs of Crocs shoes to people living in poverty-stricken areas. In addition to this large contribution, Crocs have also recently shipped 80,000 pairs of Crocs shoes to Haiti, to help Haiti’s largest medical provider give the people of Haiti the care they need following the disastrous earthquake which struck there in early 2010.

TOMS and Friends of TOMS

In 2006 Blake Mycoskie founded the company ‘TOMS’. Although TOMS have branched out a little in their designing of shoes since their beginning, they primarily sell one style of shoe. This light-weight canvas shoe is based on the traditional alpargata shoe from Argentina.

It was during a trip to a rural part of Argentina that Mycoskie noticed that many children did not have shoes. It is for this reason that it was decided that TOMS would be brought into creation, and the mission was to have a one-for-one policy, one that still stands within the company today. For every pair of TOMS shoes that are sold, a pair is given to a child in need by ‘Friends of TOMS’ which is a non-profit affiliate.

TOMS have reached many communities with their philanthropy, conducting ‘shoe drops’ where volunteers are able to personally hand our shoes to children in need. Since 2006 over 1 million pairs of TOMS shoes have been given to children in over 20 of the world’s countries. Other ongoing initiatives by TOMS include beginning an annual event called ‘One Day Without Shoes’. This event challenges people to go a whole day without wearing any shoes in a bid to highlight the number of children for whom having no shoes is a reality on a daily basis.



My Amazing Shoes has a great collection of Crocs footwear available including the impressive Crocs Specialist style.

One Person, One Community- Make a Difference

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I have a strong belief that we all have the capacity to do great things but too often we let doubts or fears keep us from being great.  That is why I love reminders like the above video to show us that capacity inherent in who we are.  This man saw a problem and set about to solve it.  His community had a need and he filled it.  He made sure that, even if it was only a few people, he would help them, and now he is impacting the world.

As a business owner, you may see problems in your own community.  What can you do to change it?  How can you build up those around you?  Help those that suffer or who are in need?  Sometimes it is critical to remember that we are all a part of a great human family.  These problems often exist only because we allow them to exist.  We simply do nothing to change it.  Our communities need more of us.  Take some time this month to find a problem that needs fixing in your own community and then go out and fix it.  Don’t question your capacity; just go out and fix it.