Harnessing The Potential Of Website Builders For Small Businesses

A small-scale embroidery artist from a village in Northern India has recently made headlines by stepping into collaboration with a leading designer conglomerate. The story is astonishingly simple yet inspiring. The artist prioritized promotion through the internet and social media.

What Do SEO Consultants Find Most Frustrating?

Working in the search industry is an exciting job, and a rewarding one at that, both in terms of the potential to make money and the feeling of making a real difference to clients.  However, the excitement and sense of

Prevent Your Domain Name From Being Hijacked — How Can You?

There are people out there who can hijack domain names and then use them for their own purposes. This something that affects some popular websites, where a domain is stolen, linked to new content and then maybe used for stealing

How To Sell & Market Digital Products On The Web

Selling tangible goods online can be an excellent way for businesses to make money, and it’s fairly self-explanatory. Lots of e-commerce websites, however, sell digital products. Digital products are a little more complicated to sell and market because they are

How To Improve Security On Your Company Facebook Page

A company Facebook page is a great way to promote your business and connect with valuable customers. Unfortunately it can also be a great source of trouble if the proper security measures are not in place. With internet criminals constantly

What Are Some Ways Technology Can Help Your Business?

In Heidegger’s famous piece on technology, “Questions Concerning Technology,” he postulates whether or not technology is bringing us closer to a universal truth or inhibiting our ability to see it. He attempts to define technology and determine what its essence

Website Development Companies And Their Services

There was a time, may be in the beginning of internet time in the last decade of the twentieth century, when website development meant what the words said. There is a client on one end and there is a designer

Game Changer: Getting Serious About Your Website

If a company is not willing to take the time to put a professional website together, customers will notice because today’s customers are able to visit thousands of similar businesses from the comfort of their homes. They are searching for

Why Social Media Restrictions at Work May Be a Bad Idea

One of the biggest challenges for business owners is to ensure the productivity of their employees so that the business can be successful. What about their social media use?  Check out this infographic, courtesy of Compliance and Safety, that explains the

Redundancy in Colocation: Why It Matters

Colocation is becoming increasingly popular among large enterprise businesses. Rather than using in-house IT infrastructures to store important data, businesses can outsource them to third-party colocation facilities. If that facility is not properly equipped, however, the company can suffer. It

Why Retail Businesses Need Software

In the past, many businesses struggled keeping their activities afloat. Thanks to technology, businesses today have software for managing their growth. Technology The advancements in technology have led to the development of retail inventory software. This is a system that

How Does Telecom Technology Affect Our Economy Today

Telecom technology, which is a shortened term for telecommunications technology, has advanced drastically in just a short period of time. Decades ago, people only had telephone landlines as an ‘advanced’ means of connecting to someone in a far location but

The Best New Websites for Work

We all wish we could be more productive and efficient at work, avoiding all distractions and getting more done. The good news is that new websites, services and apps are being launched every day that could solve common office productivity

Most Useless USB Gadgets

The USB industry never fails to release a wide selection of ridiculous gadgets, devices and computer accessories. But how much further will they take it? Where will they draw the line and stop producing utterly pointless products? Today we’re going

Streamline Your Company Like a Racecar by Outsourcing to a Data Center

If your company offers web services or you have a significant e-commerce presence, data-center computing services are something you should seriously consider. You don’t want the people who you hired to create a web presence for your company to be

4 Can’t-Do-Without Devices for Summer

With summertime well upon us, technology enthusiasts everywhere are looking for ways to use their love of gadgets to improve their home life. Check out these four essential items that can help you to make the most of the summer

Facts and Tips in International Software Outsourcing

Software outsourcing is a not-so-new commercial strategy utilized by various software manufacturing giants as well as several IT companies in order to reduce the overall cost in software development. It may be viewed as a strategic corporate expansion and re-structuring

How to Protect Your Computer Without Wasting Valuable Time

It’s fair to say that, by now, most regular users of the internet and email systems are wary of opening emails from unknown senders, especially those with titles such as ‘Important News: You have Won!’ or ‘Very important security warning

Why Email Archiving is Central to Effective Email Management

A crucial part of email management for any business is effective, safe email archiving. Storing your emails in an accessible, secure archive will allow your email to run more effectively, more efficiently and will also enable you to keep your

Top 5 Cloud Trends for 2012

2012 is likely to be the year in which cloud computing becomes even more important for businesses. But what are the major trends that will define the industry over the next 12 months? Here are just five of the most

Top 5 Reasons Why Serious Businesses Need Business Broadband

Today, lower costs make business broadband services affordable to any size business, allowing smaller companies the same increased efficiency and productivity as larger businesses. Designed especially to meet the demanding needs of today’s modern businesses that rely on the Internet

Real Estate Investing Using Social Media

When it comes to investing in real estate, there are many different ways that you could find deals. Regardless of what strategies you use, the power of social media can make a big difference in how successful you are overall.

3 Technologies That Save Millions of Lives

There are quite a few pieces of technology that save millions of lives on a daily basis. Most people simply take these for granted since they have never known anything different. Getting to know these a little better can give