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Harnessing The Potential Of Website Builders For Small Businesses

A small-scale embroidery artist from a village in Northern India has recently made headlines by stepping into collaboration with a leading designer conglomerate. The story is astonishingly simple yet inspiring. The artist prioritized promotion through the internet and social media. The designer came across the website content of the artist, which caught the designer’s attention. Further probing through the website initialized communication between the designer and the artist and business is flourishing for both the parties now.  This is a very live example of the growing popularity and increasing necessity of websites for businesses, especially small businesses, which thrive on suitable promotion and promising service.

Lack of technical knowledge should not inhibit your growth on promotional and advertising platforms thus, affecting the business adversely. There can be many instances of businesses offering reliable, efficient service and excellent products, yet failing miserably in attracting clients through proper promotion due to lack of knowledge in Information Technology, and sometimes due to non-affordability of fortune-costing web-hosting services.

In today’s context, popularly known as electronic era, increase in number of internet users, addiction to social media and other platforms of marketing on World Wide Web, has initiated a vital role play for website building services. Today website builders are available that are easy to use, host a user-interface that is responsive, quick and most importantly, does not require professional knowledge of website building, alongside being light on the pocket.

The number of website builders has seen an exponential increase in the last decade owing to the demand for website building and acute necessity of service providers.

Some of the advantages it holds for its users, particularly small businesses are:

Ready Design templates

The website builders provide a gallery with a pool of design templates that you can choose according to your industry type. This reduces the time delay to a great extent in building a design from scratch by a pro, and is an inexpensive way.


Once you have selected your template, the software platform offers you the ability to customize the design to a certain extent. This includes adding your logo and content to it, and also picking up your own color scheme.

User friendly Interface

The website building program is simple to understand and follow, especially for beginners and novice, with no technical knowledge about the task. They provide straightforward drag and drop facility to add images and embed video and provide elements that enable you to create a website of your own, on your own.

SEO Friendly content

A professional looking website without search engine friendly content is no good since it won’t be picked up by your target audience in their search criteria. Hence, it is extremely vital to ensure your content has required keywords and is SEO friendly. This daunting task is handled efficiently by the platform, leading to increased traffic to your website, well reflecting as an increase in your customer base.


The highlight of website builders is their affordability. Starting from free to several dollars a month depending on your choice, they undoubtedly are a good bargain, as opposed to hiring a pro to do it for you. Website hosting is a powerful marketing strategy for businesses these days since it provides a broad exposure to your business.

Website builder has transformed website creation into a task as easy as a do-it-yourself piece of artwork. This is certainly too good to be true, yet true. This provides you with an opportunity to broaden the horizons of your business and acquire new clients from around the planet at minimal cost. A good website is a platform to showcase the features of your product, portray the extent of your service and thus leave an enduring impression on anyone who accesses it.

An avid blogger, Sandy Pardal leads the team of creative people at WebStartToday, which is a free website Creator. Website Design and Online marketing come to him as a deep passion.

What Do SEO Consultants Find Most Frustrating?

Working in the search industry is an exciting job, and a rewarding one at that, both in terms of the potential to make money and the feeling of making a real difference to clients.  However, the excitement and sense of responsibility does not make it any less frustrating when clients do not understand the industry and are asking things that you just cannot possibly do.

We looked at some of the most common of these and, although a bit of fun, these do happen more regularly than you might think.

Fast and Dirty

It is amazing how many people with sharp minds for business can run a successful company over many years, yet are still more concerned with a ‘fast and dirty’ SEO quick fix rather than putting in the real work needed.

Of course, much of this is born from a desire to save money, but it is still puzzling that there are so many requests for instant success when these people know exactly how long it takes to build a reputation and reach the top.

The number of black-hat SEO’s offering “first place in Google within a week” undoubtedly doesn’t help the situation.

They’re Getting Away With It

As good as Google and the other search engines are at identifying unscrupulous SEO techniques and dealing with them, one of life’s certainties is that there will always be people trying something and being able to get away with it.

Whether their SEO tells them or they discover it for themselves, many website owners find out about competitors or other websites that are indulging in black-hat techniques and getting away with it.

The age-old cliché of “two wrongs don’t make a right” definitely applies here. Copying your competitors might seem like fair game now, but it’ll hurt equally as much when Google notice and you find your site blacklisted.

SEO Is Not Magic

Sometimes, you just have to face up to the reality that a website, product, or service, isn’t adding any value to customers’ lives, if you have any to start with.

SEO cannot fix every issue with your website. If you have a sub-standard product, or have invented something that solves a non-existent problem, then you cannot reasonably expect an SEO to wave a magic wand and make people want to buy it.

How Many Hits?

Turnover is vanity, and profit is sanity, so says the panel on Dragon’s Den and other business related television shows.

In the case of SEO, the hit counter is vanity, and the percentage of conversions is sanity. The whole point of SEO is to bring relevant visitors to your site to make a sale. Those who obsess about their hits counter are missing the point.

A successful SEO campaign, targeting keywords relevant to your site, could bring you less hits, but see many more people making a purchase, because the people being directed to you are actually looking for you in the first place.

That’s difficult for some to understand, but it’s the truth.

Whether you are an SEO yourself or a website owner looking to hire an SEO company in the near future, keep these in mind.

Robert is an online content writer with a passion for local SEO techniques, regularly researching and writing about industry developments and SEO best practice.

Prevent Your Domain Name From Being Hijacked — How Can You?

There are people out there who can hijack domain names and then use them for their own purposes. This something that affects some popular websites, where a domain is stolen, linked to new content and then maybe used for stealing business, just removing business or even phishing. It is therefore really important that the owner of the domain name ensures that it is kept secure both for their sake and that of their customers.

Watching Expiration

One way that the domain can be taken is if it expires and someone else buys it. They can then legally change the information for their own gain. This can be a huge problem as it could be very expensive to buy it back and a lot of business can be lost. Simply making sure that the domain is renewed on time can prevent against this. A good domain provider will send out reminders of when payment is due so that you have notice to renew well in time. It is up to you to make sure that you do this.

Identity Theft

It is possible for someone to convince the domain name provider that they are you and then change the details so that they are in control of the domain name and any content under it. Clever ones will move the domain to a different registrar as soon as possible and then it is extremely difficult for the rightful owner to take back control. One way to prevent this is to make sure that your personal information is very secure and difficult to obtain. Choosing a provider that has high security measures can also help. Needing more than just a password and username to can get in can help to increase security.


It is worth keeping updated with the latest security patched for your web servers. These will help you to be protected against many hijackers. It is something that is vital for your company and so make sure that someone is always responsible for doing it on a regular basis. As an extra security measure you can as extra security extensions to be added to your domain name system. The will not prevent the hijacking but can help your users in making sure they will not be hijacked after entering the website.

Check Traffic

It is important to keep a check on where your website traffic is going to. If the patterns change then you need to be immediately suspicious and track things very carefully.

Sadly there is no way to punish people who hack websites. They are stealing a domain name and because that is not an object, there is not yet a law that applies to this type of theft. This means that it is not something that people are afraid to do which means that every website is at risk. Putting as many protective measures in place on your domain as you can is therefore extremely important.

Rachel is a passionate blogger who loves to write on latest in SEO. She occasionally writes for Name Perfection, a company specializing in brandable domain name.

How To Sell & Market Digital Products On The Web

Selling tangible goods online can be an excellent way for businesses to make money, and it’s fairly self-explanatory. Lots of e-commerce websites, however, sell digital products. Digital products are a little more complicated to sell and market because they are intangible. Documents, music, ebooks, videos, etc. are just simple computer files. How can you sell and market something that you can’t even hold in your hand? There are some things to consider.

Digital Content Management Sites

There are lots of websites out there that are designed specifically to help you sell your digital products. Digital content management sites vary widely in the services they offer you, the way they’re used, and their different features and options. In order to find the right site for you, you’ll have to really do your research to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

Digital content management sites can host your digital products for you, and some allow you to host them yourself, too. Those sites make it easy for you to sell your digital products by handling the sales for you. In most cases, you put a shopping cart or link on your website, and when someone purchases the digital product, the content management site facilitates the sale by giving the customer a secure place from which to download their digital product.

Social Media

Social media is, of course, a great tool for marketing anything, including digital products. Through social media, you can build a loyal following of people who are interested in your niche by providing them with valuable or entertaining content. You then use your social media posts or profiles to market your digital product, which will hopefully entice your friends and followers to buy from you. Social media marketing is free, which is why it’s excellent for digital products.


Search engine optimization and pay-per-click can sell your physical goods, but they can sell your digital products just as well. With SEO and PPC, you need to identify the keywords that your potential customers will use. You’ll optimize your website or pay for advertising on the search engines so that your website will appear when that keyword or phrase is searched for.


Essentially, digital products are like anything else, and selling tactics are the same. Depending on your product, however, there may be additional ways that you can sell and market a digital product. For example, you can sell your e-book from your website and allow customers to purchase it from your site directly, but you can also sell your e-book with Amazon or Barnes & Noble, which will handle the sales for you and deliver your digital product directly to their Kindle and Nook customers.

The most important thing to remember when selling digital products is that you want to identify your target audience and track who is purchasing your products, which is a little more difficult with digital products than tangible ones. Repeat sales to customers of digital products, however, can be very lucrative, as long as you know who your customers are and how to find them.

Lisa Smith is the digital assets curator for She has a background in marketing and web design.

How To Improve Security On Your Company Facebook Page

A company Facebook page is a great way to promote your business and connect with valuable customers. Unfortunately it can also be a great source of trouble if the proper security measures are not in place.

With internet criminals constantly on the lookout for vulnerable Facebook accounts, you must ensure you are taking all necessary precautions to safeguard your company’s information. The following tips will help your company Facebook page stay secure at all times.

The Basics

The first step in improving security on your company Facebook page is to set up a strong password that is known only by those who are authorized to use the account. Let those users know they must keep the password confidential and treat the Facebook account as if it were their own.

Set guidelines for Facebook access as well, so everyone is on the same page and there are no misunderstandings regarding terms of use. Be sure all authorized users know they cannot post anything that could compromise confidential company information.

There is also a great security feature on Facebook that will alert you when anyone logs into your Facebook account. It can be enabled in the “security settings” menu under “login notification.” This will let you know if anyone is accessing the account at inappropriate times.

Always Use a Secure Internet Connection

Whenever an authorized user logs into your company Facebook page, be sure they do so over a secure internet connection. A secure connection will reduce the chance of your account being hacked by intruders or damaged by malware.

If your account or password is hacked by an intruder, sensitive company information could be at stake. There is a security setting on Facebook that allows account access only from a secure internet connection, so make sure this feature is in place.

In the “account settings” menu, choose “security settings.” From there you should click on the “secure browsing” option and enable it. It is also a good idea to use a firewall and antivirus software while accessing your company Facebook account.

Both of these things will strengthen security and reduce the risk of any issues.

Be Careful What You Share

Although a company Facebook page is usually used for promotional purposes and is visible to the public, you should still be cautious as to what information is shared.

It is a good idea to leave out personal information such as birthdates, personal addresses and phone numbers, and anything else that could be used to exploit or endanger you or any of your employees.

Experienced hackers can do a lot with what seems like a little, so always be careful as to what the public can see on your company Facebook page.

By taking the time to utilize these tips, the security of your company Facebook page will be improved in no time at all. If everyone involved is dedicated to keeping a secure account, your company will benefit greatly from all the positive things Facebook has to offer.

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Priya N is the contributor for this article. She blogs at You can find latest govt jobs & career tips on this blog.

What Are Some Ways Technology Can Help Your Business?

In Heidegger’s famous piece on technology, “Questions Concerning Technology,” he postulates whether or not technology is bringing us closer to a universal truth or inhibiting our ability to see it. He attempts to define technology and determine what its essence is. Ultimately, he determines that technology can be a saving power or supreme danger, depending on how humans treat it.

Let’s apply this idea to business. In business, technology can let us down if we don’t choose the right suppliers and consultants, but it can ultimately allow a business to grow and compete within a marketplace. Let’s look at some ways technology leads a company to a universal truth, i.e. profitability and success.

  • Disaster recovery: There’s no question that an outage of any kind can do detrimental damage to a business. Unfortunately, natural or manmade disaster can happen at any time, from a hurricane like we saw with Hurricane Sandy to a burst pipe that causes major flooding. Whatever the case for the outage, disaster recovery software and testing allows a business to go back online quickly to ensure that it’s still able to maintain operations without major disruption to the customer. Otherwise, the customer may choose to go elsewhere.
  • Data warehousing: There’s no question the importance of having the correct data as well as past data to determine trends and more. Being able to store current and past data in one database through data warehousing can enable a business to see where it is in regard to its goals and make decisions based off this data and other market research.
  • Cloud-based operations: Once, businesses would have to utilize a large data center to house all of their computer systems, telecommunications and storage systems. Cloud-based technology allows businesses to reduce overhead, minimize IT strain and take advantage of new advancements. By moving non-critical applications over to a cloud, businesses can lower their operating costs and become more adaptable to a constantly changing business environment.

These are all ways businesses can utilize technology to reach profitability and success in their given industry. In all three of these examples, it’s important to note that you’ll need to do your research to find providers that meet your needs. No cloud or consulting firm is the same, so you’ll need to find one that delivers results and guarantees security and reliable performance. While the technology may be there to improve your business model and operations, there is always a human element that you must make sure isn’t hindering your ability to reach your goals.

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John Shelton is a business owner that utilizes his down time by giving advice to future and current business owners.

Website Development Companies And Their Services

There was a time, may be in the beginning of internet time in the last decade of the twentieth century, when website development meant what the words said. There is a client on one end and there is a designer on the other end. The client wants a website which is mostly just a number of online pages strung together and wants someone to do it.

That definition is so far behind us that now, website development has taken on to mean so many different things. We live in an age and time when Smartphones and tablets are threatening take over all the hard work productivity tasks from their desktop counterparts. Today, you can expect a website company to more than just design a dummy website for you. They can make your site the most living, powerful selling today in existence, sometimes even better than the in-house marketing team.

There is simply so much power that can be vested in website sites today, that you will be at a loss without knowing the full capabilities of today’s website development service providers.


A standard issue website site will still provide the basic web development services. This is like the bread and butter of any website development company.

However, internet users have gotten so used to this basic site, that they demand better features and more interactivity from the site. Also, companies themselves find it that the website has become one of the pillars of their marketing efforts if not the lynchpin of their marketing endeavours. In addition to site development you can expect service providers to help you with – web based application development, management of data through database services, mail services and also search engine optimization.

As you can see, most of the services mentioned have nothing to do with building a website. These are the services that all companies would be using. Since you will have to get someone to do these interconnected information technology projects, why not let your website person do it for you? You need someone to build and manage your site anyway. You might as well let that provider do more than just build stuff for you.

Hosting Services

With hosting, there are several different types of hosting that are possible. There is the standard issue website hosting. In today’s cloud based infrastructure, it is impossible to imagine any company actually hosting a website on their own. So, after you get a website developed, you would like if the company that built it could also host it on their servers. This allows you to not worry about your website going down, maintenance, renovating it and such website related development activities.

To go with it, you would appreciate the convenience of letting the site developer also manage your corporate email system. In all likelihood, you already have a web-based email system, which has to be provided by an email provider. This email service has to be integrated into your main site by an email provider. By clubbing the site developer and the email provider into a single entity, you are able to play off the benefits of having to deal with a single company take care of your information technology needs.


You can push this integration even more by having the service provider also do the database management for you. Given the heavy reliance on information, especially digitally stored information, this is but a natural expectation.

Some may argue that you are putting all your baskets in a single basket, which is not a good idea. The good thing about internet based technologies is that it is easy to shift things. So, if tomorrow your preferred provider should go down, you can simply take your eggs, unharmed, relocate it to another basket with little or no modification.

The author believes in the natural convergence of website development and other information technology services. 1st Class Media is the prime example of such a development firm.

Game Changer: Getting Serious About Your Website

If a company is not willing to take the time to put a professional website together, customers will notice because today’s customers are able to visit thousands of similar businesses from the comfort of their homes. They are searching for the best deals available from their smartphones on buses, trains, and in their cars, so your website has become the business card of the 21st century.

To get serious about your business, you must focus on a website, and there are several things that go into making a good website that customers can find and use. Implementing these strategies can help you stand out on the Internet for the right reasons.


Business Website

Build Your House upon a Rock

First, you must have a stable platform that can handle incoming traffic, and the platform must operate smoothly and load quickly. Definitely invest into a mobile version of your site, with how prevalent smartphones are, this needs to be available, so you may opt to change web hosting services to find a better platform for your website.

Blog About It

Secondly, you’ll want to ensure you have a blog and it is updated regularly, and this can be about promotions, sales, new products, initiatives, and other information you want to share with customers. You should update often enough to keep people coming back, because when there are too many days in between each update, it starts to looks as though you are absent and have forgotten about your business completely. As these people come back to your website, offer them discount codes, coupons, and newsletters or coupon pages directly to their inbox, as this can help boost your online sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Next, if you’re not using search engine optimization, you’re missing the boat. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the technique of putting commonly searched words and phrases to find similar companies into your website, this strategy helps your page be found by search engines. Google estimates 90 percent of sales occur on the first page of search results, and the top three links account for the majority of those sales, so hiring an SEO specialist, or having a team within your company can help move your business into those coveted spots.

Start to Get More Social

Finally, take advantage of social media, as these new tools are helping to connect customers and bring new sales. Major firms use social media to speak with customers directly, gauge interest in new products, and test new advertising strategies, and smaller companies use social media to build brand recognition and make a name for themselves. Social media is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to build a following and customers for life.

If you’re not serious about your website, customers won’t come back, so learn more about and take advantage of fast, stable web hosting reseller services, utilize SEO and social media programs, and offer customers a reason to visit your website time and again.

Author Bio

Melisa Cammack has been freelance writing for several years, and is currently looking into getting her first book published next year. She is the proud mother of three children, and is the co-owner of a small business with her husband, and has recently relocated to Western Australia.

Why Social Media Restrictions at Work May Be a Bad Idea

One of the biggest challenges for business owners is to ensure the productivity of their employees so that the business can be successful.
What about their social media use?  Check out this infographic, courtesy of Compliance and Safety, that explains the possible impact of social media restrictions at work:

Redundancy in Colocation: Why It Matters

Colocation is becoming increasingly popular among large enterprise businesses. Rather than using in-house IT infrastructures to store important data, businesses can outsource them to third-party colocation facilities. If that facility is not properly equipped, however, the company can suffer. It can experience significant data loss, downtime and even shut down entirely. Therefore, any company considering colocation should carefully assess the provider for quality and multi-layered redundancy.


Redundancy for colocation utilizes the N+1 formula. This formula means that the system uses the power it needs, plus an additional unit. Before a company partners with a data center, it should ensure that the data center offers redundancy at three separate points.


Redundant Power

Colocation centers rely on redundant power, as power is a critical resource for data centers. Without it, the system can suffer from hardware outages, lack of climate control, fire suppression system failure and a loss of internet connection. Just one failure of the power supply can disrupt the entire system. This can then cause a major disaster for all colocation clients storing their information in the facility. Businesses should look for a colocation center that utilizes a reliable power supply, routed in from many points, as well as backup generators and UPS units. It is vital that the backup generators carry enough power to support the center until the regular power can be fully restored.


Redundant Cooling

Colocation centers are designed to support the IT infrastructure of various sizes. The centers host the servers and equipment for various companies. As such, the amount of hosted servers generates an exceptional amount of heat. This requires an advanced and reliable cooling system. Without effective cooling, an entire colocation system can overheat in a matter of minutes. Therefore, businesses should use a colocation center that has a redundant cooling system in place.


Redundant Internet

A company needs a provider who also offers redundant connections for its service connection. A customer should find a colocation facility that offers redundant internet connection and is carrier-neutral. With this service, the company is receiving a reliable and stable internet connection that has low latency and protection from packet loss. That means that if the connection’s backbone fails, there is still a stable connection present. The colocation center’s customers do not lose their internet connection.


Finding the Right Colocation Center

Only a company knows the amount of security and protection they need. Even though the colocation center uses redundant systems, it also needs a high level of physical and digital security. To determine if a colocation center offers the right amount of protection, customers should ask several questions. Inquire about how the colocation center protects power, cooling and internet connections, specifically. Look for colocation centers that have redundant systems in place. Make sure the company does not overload its units. Ensure that the colocation center puts client security at the forefront. This is extremely important as the center is storing mission critical data.

Why Retail Businesses Need Software

In the past, many businesses struggled keeping their activities afloat. Thanks to technology, businesses today have software for managing their growth.


The advancements in technology have led to the development of retail inventory software. This is a system that is applicable to any retail business. One of the best features of these systems is that they are customizable. This means that a retail business, in any industry can get a system that is ideal for its activities.    With these systems, many advantages accrue to a business. A good system has the ability of improving the sales of a business. It tracks the sales of a business and every transaction it engages in. With a record of all sales, a business can manage its profits easily and efficiently. Not just the sales, the system matches the company sales with inventory. In the absence of a system, inventory levels are monitored manually, an activity that is tedious and one that wastes a lot of time! Point of sales systems monitor the inventory against the sales made and offers a reliable means of deciding when to restock.


Good systems are usually fitted with a program that can automatically do price adjustments. In the recent past, price adjustment relied on employees who used the price gun to change the price of an item. This resulted into a lot of time wastage that the business could have put into better use! Even more tedious was the work a retailer running multi stores had to do. This meant that he had to go to each store and supervise the price adjustments manually!   With a good system, it is much easier to adjust the price of items. All one has to do is enter the adjusted price information for the item and the system updates the entire system. Consequently, employees have more time on their hands that they can use to attend to customers. Moreover, with this feature, chances of having some items in clearance selling at the older price are reduced to nil. This way, customers will not complain of any price discrepancies, especially in multi retail stores.

Consistency and promotions

Retailers running multi stores find these systems particularly helpful due to the consistency they offer. The price of items in the different stores on similar items is usually the same. This way, customers will not opt for a certain store as it offers a lower price than another! Also, the retailer enjoys consistency in the inventory levels of all stores. A retail store can borrow certain items of inventory from another that still has the items. This way, unnecessary re-ordering is avoided, hence saving the business some money.   With a good system also, running a promotional campaign is very easy. All a retailer needs to do is enter the promotion codes for customer discounts and the system adjusts automatically. The feedback that is received from the process can then be used in determining if the promotion activity improved sales. A number of discounts and coupons can also be tracked with the point of sale systems. The system can also have weekly tracking of the coupons presented.    For a business to be efficient in its activities, point of sales software is the way to go!

Posterita is revolutionary retail inventory software that allows chain stores and single stores to manage every aspect of their operations via an easy-to-use web-based platform.

How Does Telecom Technology Affect Our Economy Today

Telecom technology, which is a shortened term for telecommunications technology, has advanced drastically in just a short period of time. Decades ago, people only had telephone landlines as an ‘advanced’ means of connecting to someone in a far location but these days, people have a wider array of means of communicating with anyone we want to get in touch with, even with more than one person or group of persons, simultaneously.

Telecom technology has made a great impact even during the first few years after its inception. It has gained a wide acceptance by people and they have certainly made full use of this technology whether for their personal lives or work and business purposes. And for this reason, the telecom technology has also made a great effect on our economy today.

Overview of the telecom technology

Before we proceed about the effects of the telecom technology in our economy today, let us first have a basic idea of what telecom technology is. Telecom technology refers to the devices, systems and services that aim at connecting people from different locations to enable exchange of data. In the dark ages, we only have the telephone landlines but these days, we have a wide array of telecom technology such as the telephone landline, mobile phones, VoIP, and satellite phones. Other technologies also qualify in the category of telecom technology for being able to communicate information to people such as the internet, television and radio networks.

Impact of the telecom technology in the economy today

Considering how vast the telecom technology is these days and how this is widely used by individuals and businesses, we can certainly conclude that the telecom technology has a great and positive impact on the economy today.

Large business and even the smaller or home-based businesses today can no longer imagine how they can make their business flourish without the different telecom technology that we are utilizing today. For a business to be successful, it has to be able to reach to as many prospective customers as possible. Marketing the products and services can be done through sms texts, phone calls, and TV and radio commercials. Customers place their orders or reservations through phones. For businesses to be able to cater to their customer’s demands, they need to always have sufficient stocks by placing orders with their suppliers through phone calls. Whether in a poor or rich country, these activities are common and telecom technology has a great participation in these transactions.

For a nation to have a great economy, businesses that are conducted should be successful and has potential to last for more years to come and growth. Aside from the success of the businesses itself which contributes to a great economy, businesses with these characteristics also creates more jobs thereby, improving lives of many people.

Final Words

Along with the continuous improvements and innovations in the telecom technology, people can also expect advancements in their economy. Businesses and individuals should learn to make full use of this amazing technology in order to make their telecom technology contribute to the business’ growth.

About the Author:

Kristine M. is a techie blogger who writes about centernetworks guide to accepting credit cards and latest updates of technology like telecom, internet, and mobile technology.

The Best New Websites for Work

We all wish we could be more productive and efficient at work, avoiding all distractions and getting more done. The good news is that new websites, services and apps are being launched every day that could solve common office productivity problems, helping you to get more work done without having to actually put in more effort.

Top new websites to improve workplace productivity

Take a look at these new websites and services, some of which could improve the way you work in the office. It may even be worth mentioning a few of these to your boss, who may want to roll them out to the whole team.

TeamViewer (

This service allows you complete access to your home PC, although it can also be used to access office computers. So, if you find yourself without an essential file or document in the middle of a big meeting, you can simply use TeamViewer and enjoy secure and fast remote access to your PC.

Freedom/AntiSocial (

If you find yourself distracted by certain websites (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) when you should be getting on with work, these services are for you. Freedom simply switches off your Internet access for a set time, and AntiSocial blocks access to certain time-wasting sites. Access is restored by re-booting your PC, but the time this takes should put you off doing it and you may actually get more done in the meantime.

Dropbox (

This is the most convenient cloud storage option available, offering a minimum of 2GB of free storage space. Space can be increased to around 7GB or even 8GB by sending out referral links to people you know.

Scrivener (

If you ever write long documents or reports as part of your work – or maybe even novels on your lunch breaks – you will find the Scrivener writing tool very useful. It helps you to plan your writing and reformat it, as well as offering many other configurable features. If you aren’t a fan of Microsoft Word and all of its various ‘quirks’, then Scrivener is ideal.

HulloMail (

This is a visual voicemail service, which provides you with an answering machine similar to the iPhone’s, but for your Android handset. HulloMail even emails messages to you, so you never miss out on an important message. As an added bonus, you don’t have to pay for an O2 contract.

Christine writes regularly for Cartridge Monkey who are UK-based suppliers of ink cartridges and quality Epson ink. She loves to read and enjoys quiet, peaceful holidays.

Most Useless USB Gadgets

The USB industry never fails to release a wide selection of ridiculous gadgets, devices and computer accessories. But how much further will they take it? Where will they draw the line and stop producing utterly pointless products? Today we’re going to take a look at the top selection of most useless USB gadgets of all time. Prepare yourself, it’s going to blow your mind!

7. Why didn’t I think of this sooner! Since EVERYONE still uses webcams! Oh wait, we’re not in 1996 anymore. MyPetCam is a webcam built into a cute little stuffed animal. Perfect for those animal lovers, there’s just one catch; you have to slay and stuff the animal yourself. Only joking, buy one if you must, at a bargain price of $25.

6. USB Aroma sticks, what a clever idea. We all love the thought of storing 6GB of data whilst smelling the sweet scent of lavender or jasmine. Purchase one of these little beauties and you will be met with a pleasant surprise. According to the official website, these USB devices offer no RAM. Making them completely pointless. In you must have your office smelling seductively, just go out and busy some incense sticks instead.

5. Coming in at number 5 is everyone’s favourite; The USB Disco Ball Mouse And Trackpad. Yes you did hear me correctly, it actually does exist, unfortunately. Guaranteed to change your mood in an instant, with flashing lights and a real 70’s disco feel. Epileptic seizure not included.

4. Hitting number 4 is the USB Vacuum. An ingenious invention that will keep your computer desk free of dirt and grit. Perfect for clean freaks. Oh wait I forgot to mention; use this anywhere near your hard drive and the magnetic fields created by a powered vacuum might fry your hard drive. But at least you’ll have a clean work station, think of the positives!

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3. “Aww what a cute Christmas Tree USB, how beautiful it is and even sings us a lovely song”. Give it a couple of rounds and you won’t be thinking this anymore. This highly distracting, annoying and down right pointless desk accessory is defiantly one to avoid. Shove it in the trash before your kids realise that pressing the music button makes steam come out of your ears.

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2. Finally, I can get whiter teeth whilst working at my laptop. I never thought someone else would agree that having to brush your teeth in the bathroom is just impractical. Think of all the time I can save! Please, don’t go there. For the sake of oral health, stick to what you’ve been taught as a child.

1. Topping the charts is the ground breaking USB Humidifier. Shove this next to your computer and you’ll get a lovely breeze of fresh, moist air. And look what we found, an R2-D2 humidifier for all you Star Wars geeks out there. What an excellent idea. It’s a good thing that computers love moisture, wait a second, no they don’t! But if you’re at adamant that because R2-D2 is a computer, plugged into your computer, he won’t do any harm to it, then please continue along your way. Just see what happens, and don’t come crying to us when your computer malfunctions. You’ll be met with a swift ‘I told you so’.

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So there you have it, a selection of USB gadgets to rush out and purchase. Quick before they all sell out! Give it a year or so and we’ll no doubt have an even more ridiculous list to give you. Stay tuned!



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Streamline Your Company Like a Racecar by Outsourcing to a Data Center

If your company offers web services or you have a significant e-commerce presence, data-center computing services are something you should seriously consider. You don’t want the people who you hired to create a web presence for your company to be distracted by infrastructure issues. That’s like asking a race-car driver to do pit-stop maintenance as well as drive the car. Leave systems maintenance to professionals—to a company whose whole concern is maintaining the flow and storage of information for companies that have more important things to worry about.

Here are some reasons that outsourcing is the right call:

  • You can focus more on your business.

As Apple Inc. has shown us, industry and invention are two separate enterprises. (This is why they don’t build their own computers.) It costs a lot of money and man hours to set up your own data facility, and ditto for its maintenance. You run the risk of spending the time you should be using to expand your business just maintaining your business servers and networks. For your company, setting up and maintaining everything would likely be costly grunt work. However, for companies that specialize in it, such as Digital Realty Trust, it is efficient and inexpensive.

  • There is one near you.

If you are near a major city, then you are near a data center. If you are located in northern California, for example, you are near a San Francisco data center, and if you are in the New York metropolitan area, you are near one of its NY data centers. There are companies all over the country, and going online to find one near you is easier than ever before.

  • You’ll receive the ability to adapt with ease.

Computer technology is incessantly changing. For your company to keep up with the needs created by an ever-changing technology world, you would need an employee (at least—but probably a small team) overseeing your data center (putting new components in, pulling old components out, re-wiring, making space adjustments, etc.).

Large computer centers have this sort of thing down to a science. Modular upgrade solutions assure that you can have your upgrade in place as you need it. For your company to have all the necessary parts on hand would take an unrealistic and unwise outlay of cash.

Outsource your information storage needs to a company that specializes in just that; you’ll be glad that you did.

Josie enjoys writing about technology. If you’d like to learn more about Digital Realty Trust, please visit

4 Can’t-Do-Without Devices for Summer

With summertime well upon us, technology enthusiasts everywhere are looking for ways to use their love of gadgets to improve their home life.

Check out these four essential items that can help you to make the most of the summer months.

1. Motorized Shades 

With summer comes sunshine, and while waking with the sun on your face can be a lovely experience, if you wanted a little bit more sleep, it can be pretty annoying as well. There is also the unpleasant fact that without the right kind of shades on your windows, your air conditioning has to work even harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

With motorized shades you can easily block light – and heat – in ultra convenience. Raise and lower your shades without having to leave your bed or sofa thanks to the wireless technology these shades use. Simply press a button on the remote control. Bliss!

2. Solar-Powered Outdoor Lights

What is summer without a barbecue? There’s nothing quite like the taste of freshly grilled sausages or burgers in the company of your friends and family. However, the heat of the day can make the whole experience uncomfortable.

The obvious solution is to have your barbecue later on in the day, but then as evening draws in, you might find it difficult to see just how done those hot dogs are getting! Solar-powered lights can soak up the day’s sun and then illuminate your evening get-together – environmentally friendly and cool! Plus, you don’t need to worry about turning them on. When the sun goes down, they automatically give your party the mood lighting it needs.

3. Heavy Duty Blender

Of course, what makes a barbecue really cool is delicious cold drinks. While you can plop a few ice cubes into a glass of juice, ice-blended drinks are simply way more fun.

Make sure your blender can stand up to the challenge of converting ice cubes into lovely fluffy ice or you could have a very broken blender on your hands. You can also get creative … serve up some snow-cones at a carnival-themed summer party.

4. Waterproof Speakers

If you have a swimming pool or kids who like to play with water-pistols you know how easily and quickly water can get everywhere, potentially damaging outdoor electronics. If you like listening to music, waterproof speakers let you enjoy your music worry-free. Plus, if you opt for the battery-powered wireless kind, you can also take them with you on trips to the beach for a real party atmosphere.

Gadget fans and sun-worshipers alike can make the most of the sunshine with these convenient devices.

This guest post contributed by Michael Deaven, a technology enthusiast, with special interest in home technology, from kitchen gadgets to motorized shades.

Facts and Tips in International Software Outsourcing

Software outsourcing is a not-so-new commercial strategy utilized by various software manufacturing giants as well as several IT companies in order to reduce the overall cost in software development. It may be viewed as a strategic corporate expansion and re-structuring in order to achieve the best growth for a certain company by reducing the overall cost in software development. The main reason for this is 70% of software development costs are attributed to human resources costs. By reducing the cost of labor, a company would, in effect, reduce the overall overhead cost in software development.

Nowadays, big companies located in the Americas and Europe has turned to their Asian brothers as their area of choice when it comes to outsourcing their “goods”. In 2004 alone, the global software sales reached 6,000 billion dollars of which sales of outsourcing has achieved 500 to 600 billion dollars. Subsequently, the sales of software outsourcing in 2005 eventually reached a whopping 1,000 billion dollars. Substantial growth of software outsourcing has brought great opportunities for those countries where the costs of human resources are relatively low, such as China and India.

A company should outsource if the software development needs of a company are not that complicated. Smaller and less demanding projects can be outsourced as it will be a safer move in the future. There are companies that have IT departments yet they have employees that may not be eligible to do a certain IT task. The company can then start to outsource and hire qualified people abroad.

A company with an existing product can also outsource if the product just needs to be updated. This way the in-house IT team can focus on in-house innovations and procedures. If the company wants to save money, they can try outsourcing people from another part of the globe at lesser labor.

Software outsourcing abroad should start with scrutinizing the targeted partner carefully. They should come up with a comprehensive proposal that would attract many competitors. They can also ask for referrals when these companies bid. They should call at least one referral from each bidder so that they will know more about them. Their outsourcing partner should be the cream of the crop for them to come up with the best software.

The company should know exactly what he looks for in a perfect outsourcing partner for software development. They should compare all the applications they receive and then see if any of them meet their criteria and guidelines. They will be spending quite a lot of money thus they need to get a good partner in this endeavor.

The company should also ask code samples from all the candidates and then let independent experts of software review them. They would be able to determine which among their candidates are skilled to finish the job assigned to them.

It must be put into clear writing the new outsourcing partner’s role while coming up with new software. This would safeguard the company’s intellectual property rights as the owner. They must have a lawyer, preferably an expert in intellectual property, who would come up and evaluate a contract between them and the outsourced partner.

In any organization, clear and good communication is essential for a project to be successful. They should assess if it is enough to contact their outsourced partner via email and phone. They must assess if it is necessary to meet personally for things to be discussed clearly. If the company wants a face-to-face meeting, they must choose a partner that has a branch where they can easily and speedily go to.

The company should also do a market research prior to outsourcing a software development project which must be done by their software development division. They must gather data on the kind of software users want to have and use and the kind of data they can input. They should comprehend what users would do with the software’s output. They must understand the type of interface the users wish to utilize when they are using the software.

These are the facts and tips to remember when software outsourcing abroad.

Michael Walters is a software development expert. He’s been creating applications in Java, C# and C++ for five years already.

How to Protect Your Computer Without Wasting Valuable Time

It’s fair to say that, by now, most regular users of the internet and email systems are wary of opening emails from unknown senders, especially those with titles such as ‘Important News: You have Won!’ or ‘Very important security warning from [insert name of bank]’. But whilst emails promising us riches beyond our dreams if we will only click on the link provided are something that most of us will just send straight to our spam folder, there are plenty of viral emails that we open unwittingly.

Viruses are sent maliciously and will do a good job of wreaking havoc on your computer and network. It’s not always possible to spot a viral email before you open it, especially because sometimes they are sent from people in our contacts list who have (unbeknown to us) had their email account hacked and their contact list hijacked.

Email security for individuals is thus usually limited to not opening unfamiliar emails. For businesses, having a secure email system in place is vital to the effective and efficient running of the workplace. Unfortunately, it is often hard to find the time and keep up with the latest developments in email security when you have a business to run: that time and energy is better spent within the business, helping it to grow. That’s why so many businesses choose to employ outside email security experts such as to conduct effective email management.

That means removing cloud-based threats by filtering spam, phishing and malware and by monitoring your outgoing emails to protect against unintended or deliberate data leaks and social engineering attacks.

Mimecast can also manage your email storage, dumping spam and ensuring that emails containing important data or communications are kept safe and not deleted or lost (this is especially important to protect against data loss that might arise as a result of a physical loss of hardware such as laptops, for example by an employee working from home).

It is important to educate all employees as to the importance of keeping sensitive corporate information safe. Using outside agencies to patrol your emails and ensure that they are properly safeguarded might be compromised if an employee writes down their usernames and passwords somewhere that is not secure, or by using their personal email accounts to transmit personal data. Other than that, you can leave it to the professionals to organise and closely monitor your email security.

Get email security for your business now with end to end email encryption and stop data leaks now. Protect your business with Mimecast email security solutions

Why Email Archiving is Central to Effective Email Management

A crucial part of email management for any business is effective, safe email archiving. Storing your emails in an accessible, secure archive will allow your email to run more effectively, more efficiently and will also enable you to keep your emails in accordance with any regulatory requirements. For instance, you may be required to retain all records for a period of six years after you have finished work for a client. You wouldn’t want to hang on to all the relevant emails in your inbox for all that time, and nor would you wish to print them and store them physically, particularly if they are voluminous.

Most day-to-day business is conducted through email. It is much more convenient to email someone with the information you need to give to them or to request certain information than it is to telephone them, wait to be put through and ultimately have to leave a message asking them to call back. There is some information that you just wouldn’t want to leave on an answerphone, and rather than play telephone-tag it is far simpler to simply type an email. It’s also much cheaper to email than to phone, and you can get on with other things whilst checking and replying to emails. Further, your emails create an instant, permanent record of information passed between recipients in a more durable, eco-friendly manner than standard mail.

The instant nature of an email means that most people, particularly those using email for business purposes, expect a reply to a sent email within 24 hours: it’s not like sending a letter, when delays through the post office could be to blame for someone’s late reply. However, the sheer volume of emails received and sent (for all the reasons set out above) means that it can be hard to reply within such a short time.

High volumes of email, coupled with inadequate email archiving, means that inboxes can quickly fill up and earlier emails be deleted automatically to free space for new incoming emails. That can mean that important information and evidence is lost forever. Archiving important emails whilst trashing spam and unimportant emails can free up a lot of space and make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

If you are interested in arranging email archiving as part of an email management review in your company, then you should talk to the experts. Mimecast can advise on and deliver email archiving solutions that will ensure that your record-keeping requirements are met but that will also allow you instant access to all of the emails you have ever sent or received. They provide as much email storage as you will ever need without the need for you to make and keep email hard-copy backups.

Mimecast’s email storage solutions are secure and safe, and are cloud-based (hence the unlimited storage space). What’s more, they don’t charge by the number of emails dealt with, but rather by the number of users whose emails are to be archived, so it’s easier for you to manage your budget.

Get a solution to meet your businesses email archiving needs today. Mimecast’s email archiving offers a searchable, bottomless email storage solution immediately. Keep your data secure and easily accessible with our enterprise email storage solutions.

Top 5 Cloud Trends for 2012

2012 is likely to be the year in which cloud computing becomes even more important for businesses. But what are the major trends that will define the industry over the next 12 months? Here are just five of the most important aspects of the sector this year.

Disaster Recovery

The use of cloud computing to provide business continuity in the event of a disaster will become vital in 2012. Businesses have been shown the seriousness of extended downtime due to various global events in recent years. With the ever-increasing reliability and resilience of the cloud, it is easy to recommend it as an excellent part of any disaster-recovery plan.

The cloud takes much of the burden of data back-up and restoration away from companies, allowing them to save money when it comes to maintenance and hardware. This can then be an investment against the impact of disasters further down the line, whether on a significant scale or localised to individual businesses. This degree of elasticity leads neatly into the second trend of the year.


With faster network data rates, 2012 is the perfect year for the cloud to go mobile. This is sure to go hand in hand with the fact that smartphones and tablets are increasingly popular and more affordable than ever. The consumerisation of portable technology means that businesses are beginning to embrace the use of personal devices for the purpose of increasing productivity.

Employees are taking to the idea of using cloud-based platforms to access applications and services from mobile devices since this affords them a greater degree of flexibility. From the point of view of management this is also desirable since it provides the opportunity for improved productivity and a more satisfying working environment.


Security concerns have been a consistent thorn in the side of cloud adoption because there is a common misconception that migrating data from in-house systems over to a third-party cloud host will put it at risk.

Because cloud providers are placed under such scrutiny when it comes to security, there is far more riding on the integrity of the data which is entrusted to their care. Hopefully a move towards a universal security standard this year will instil a greater degree of confidence in companies that were previously wary of migration.


The cloud is often touted as a more affordable alternative to traditional systems but in 2012 this will become an even stronger argument thanks to falling prices and increasing competition as more providers enter the market.

In addition, the actual arrangement of each cloud package will be far more customisable so that businesses can take advantage of a bespoke service that has no unnecessary extras. Scalability and sensitivity to the needs of individual organisations will add value to cloud products in ways that were previously impossible.


While the cloud is occasionally thought of as some kind of infinite, intangible resource, in reality it is ultimately a product that is based on a finite amount of hardware, drawing from a limited amount of storage. For this reason it will be necessary for providers to use 2012 as a period during which optimisation comes to the fore. It will be a time for the experts working for dedicated providers to combat the issues related to the compression and streamlining of data storage.

However, many insiders also believe that the growing awareness and understanding of the cloud will allow businesses to do their own bit to help make data storage as efficient and effective as possible. In-house IT departments and cloud research firms will be working towards the same goal in this respect.

Daisy Group plc help companies understand cloud hosting and how cloud computing benefits can help reduce a businesses OPEX, providing a more resilient yet flexible infastructure.

Top 5 Reasons Why Serious Businesses Need Business Broadband

Today, lower costs make business broadband services affordable to any size business, allowing smaller companies the same increased efficiency and productivity as larger businesses. Designed especially to meet the demanding needs of today’s modern businesses that rely on the Internet to attract, provide support and stay in contact with their clients, there are several reasons why serious businesses need business broadband.


Business broadband service providers generally offer a suite of anywhere-access business applications, including exchange platform cloud computing packages. Business broadband packages include business email solutions with multiple-access options for shared task management and scheduling software, so companies can efficiently plan and manage clients and meetings. Integrated calendars with contact list management and document sharing options allow multiple users to effortlessly access and update information. Advanced IT support usually includes 24-hour assistance to knowledgeable technical staff to handle customer service issues.

Bandwidth Usage

Not to be confused with data speed, bandwidth is the amount of information transmitted or received during a set time period. For most consumer Internet service plans, there is usually a limit as to how much data can be transferred per billing cycle, most often by the month. Every time someone accesses the Internet, looks at a webpage, downloads or uploads a file or sends an email, bandwidth is used up. If bandwidth usage exceeds the limit specified in a plan during the billing cycle speed will be compromised or the user will incur additional charges. With business broadband service plans bandwidth usage is greatly increased, with some business broadband plans featuring unlimited bandwidth usage.


In an age where data theft is commonplace, system security for business owners is a top priority. Business broadband services normally include enhanced security software, protecting multiple computers against intruders, for both PC and Macintosh applications. Enhanced firewall protection provides critical protection for business by stopping unwanted access to their LAN, or “local area network,” preventing theft of sensitive data. Some security features can include:

• Keyword Blocking
• Packet Inspection
• Pop-up Blocking
• Port Blocking
• Port Forwarding
• Port Triggering
• Spam Blocking
• Virus Protection


Also known as “wideband,” business class broadband offer speeds up to 100Mbps, which can be up to 60 times faster than consumer based Internet service plans. This means faster upload and download speeds, increasing production and efficiency by shortening transfer times between employees and clients, especially when transmitting large files. Faster speeds also mean better clarity during online-based meetings and conference calls. For researchers, faster speeds mean getting more done, and getting it done more quickly.

Website Hosting

Many Business broadband providers offer full-scale web hosting packages for both small and large businesses. Fully customizable cloud-based website building tools and domain name registration provide numerous options for website development. This allows companies to set up their own website, without the need of advanced programing skills and HTML coding, often eliminating the need for an expensive outsourced web designer. Automatic data backup to secure servers provide protection against data loss and integrated web trafficking reporting tools allow clients to see how visitors are finding their Website and how well their site is performing. As web building tools and hosting are both cloud based, the website can be accessed and updated anytime, anywhere, from any computer with and an Internet connection.

Any growing business in this day and age needs broadband to enable maximum functionality and productivity of the company. Business broadband is just one of the necessities of today’s market.

Real Estate Investing Using Social Media

When it comes to investing in real estate, there are many different ways that you could find deals. Regardless of what strategies you use, the power of social media can make a big difference in how successful you are overall. With social media, you can completely transform the way that you invest in property and find leads.

Custom Searches

One of the best ways that you can use social media for property investing is to utilize custom searches. For example, on Twitter, you can set up a custom search that will show you when someone mentions specific keywords. For example, you could set up a custom search for people in your area who mention “foreclosure” in one of their tweets. Then you could contact these people and offer to buy their home. With custom searches set up, you’ll be able to monitor exactly what people are saying in regards to property in your area.


If you are interested in investing in real estate, you’ll need a large network of contacts. This way, you can talk to a lot of different people and find out about the best deals in the area. When something is about to come onto the market, one of your contacts could alert you to it before it’s available to everyone else. When you made it known that you are always looking for good property investment deals, you’d be surprised how many people will tell you about properties that they know of. With social media, you can develop a vast network of people to talk to without all of the hassle that comes with developing a network in the real world.

Communicate With the Pros

When you get involved in social media, it can also be an easy way to communicate with people who are in the property market on a daily basis. If you may contact with real estate brokers and agents in your area, you’ll be able to improve your chances of finding deals. When you are in constant contact with agents, they will be able to notify you of deals that they find on a regular basis.


One of the biggest hurdles that investors have to overcome when it comes to buying property is coming up with the money that they need to make a purchase. If you are interested in obtaining financing, you may be able to use social media sites to help you get the job done.

For example, you may be able to get in contact with other investors who are also interested in buying property in the area. By doing that, you may be able to work out some deals with the people who you meet through social media. In some cases, you may even be able to be alerted of a special financing deal that banks have through social media.

With the power of social media, you can change the way that you invest in property. Get started developing some context to that, and you should start to notice a difference.

This guest post is written on behalf on Dominic and Georgia – specializes in selling homes in Vaughn, Richmond Hill & Thornhill regions.

3 Technologies That Save Millions of Lives

There are quite a few pieces of technology that save millions of lives on a daily basis. Most people simply take these for granted since they have never known anything different. Getting to know these a little better can give everyone insight as to how they work. It’s important to keep in mind that not all countries have these technologies. There are third world countries where millions of deaths are caused from lack of even the most basic technology. Some of the most important technologies include:


Most people are able to use a toilet no matter where they are at. These are extremely important, especially with the way plumbing works. There are toilets at restaurants, homes, airports and everywhere else. The sanitation systems most countries have today make it so people can go to the bathroom without much of a risk. Unfortunately, there are some third world countries where these are not very common. This means there are no sanitation systems and no flushing toilets. As a result, this causes a lot of diseases that end up with the death of both children and adults.

Cell Phones

Almost everyone has a cell phone these days, including young children. While these are great for using to play games and communicate with friends, they are essential to survival. These allow people to call out for help in virtually any area. With the advancements in technology people can even be tracked to their exact location with a GPS. This makes it easier for ambulances to determine where they need to go.

Before phones were so common, it was difficult for people to get help. This is especially true for individuals at home and not able to go outside. Now people can call emergency numbers whenever they are in need of assistance. Both house phones and cell phones are responsible for saving the lives of thousands or even millions of people on a daily basis.

Text messages on cell phones are also useful for protecting people. There are some public service announcements that are sent out when there are alerts for public safety. This includes things like AMBER alerts, fire announcements and other information about dangerous situations.

Irrigation Systems

The United States produces a massive amount of fruits and vegetables. This would not be possible without the advancement of irrigation systems. Farms are able to have water that spreads to all of their crops when they need it instead of having to wait on rain to come naturally. Drip systems provide water to make farming much easier than it would be otherwise.

Most people don’t realize how many vegetables are needed to make the majority of all products on store shelves. This is especially true for corn, which is used to make thousands of different foods. From cereal to candy, corn is used to make many things. Countries that don’t have irrigated farms aren’t able to keep up with demand. This causes a lot of people to go hungry and food to become scarce when the weather doesn’t comply.

Mark is a healthcare expert who writes for BeHealthy24.Com. This is a site where you can find all the best information about health care and cancer. New articles and content are constantly being added.