Helpful Tips On Finding Teaching Jobs Abroad

There are many reasons why one would want to teach abroad. Teaching abroad helps you to experience different cultures, climate and cuisine. It also helps you break the monotony of working in your country. It may also help you fulfil your passion of teaching children from developing countries. English is the primary language that many teach abroad. With English becoming the principal language of international trade, many countries in Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe have found it necessary to have their nationalities learn the language. Teachers who teach math and sciences are also in high demand. It is not easy to secure a job abroad without assistance. Fortunately, there are many ways one can use.

International service programs

Programs like Peace Corps and world teach offer a way to travel abroad and teach there. By participating in their work and offering volunteer services one can easily secure a job. Teaching is common placement for Peace Corps volunteers. Its programs are run through many countries in the world, from those in Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe among others. It charges no fees and one receives numerous benefits with a relocation allowance included. They also offer benefits such as health insurance, free travel to their service site and duty loan assistance. Those that see their assignment through become its life members.

International school teaching opportunities
First of all, one needs certification or a background of teacher training and some experience wouldn’t hurt. Teachers who teach technical subjects like physics, chemistry, maths and agriculture are always in high demand. Being trained in a sport like tennis is also beneficial when seeking the teaching job. International schools in foreign countries aim to give their students the same curriculum offered from the host country. The practical way used by many to secure these jobs is by using services of organization like International School Service, TIE online which can connect you to schools or Search Associate. These organisations hold fairs in the states annually thus letting the international Schools interview interested candidates. Their respective websites also list vacancies.

Secure a job by teaching English abroad
Like I stated earlier, the English language is an important tool if one wants to ever trade internationally. It will make your work easier and facilitate your exchanges. With its dominance, English has forced the non English-speaking countries to consider offering it as a second language in their curriculums. There are numerous programs by these countries. Jet program places teachers in Japan schools. The Chilean ministry of education places teachers in public schools and offers benefits like health insurance. A number of developed countries in Asia offer lucrative teaching jobs. One should visit their embassies to get accurate information.

Summer teaching programs
This mostly attracts recent college graduates or those still pursuing the teaching course. A teaching job abroad apart from being adventurers can give one insight on where they would like to work in future. The easier way one can secure a job is by working with intermediary organizations with contacts in the host country. Some of those programs include Bunac, Planet Au pair that gives one a host family and is free of charge. Getting a visa is a demoralizing task without the help of organization or programs. One should therefore research extensively before choosing the suitable program.

Jack is a passionate blogger and works for a recruitment agency offering teaching jobs in Australia.

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  1. Thanks for these tips. Will shift to Europe within three months and I think such tips will be handy for me to get a good teaching jobs in a new country like Germany.

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