‘How Stupid Are We?’ and Other International Business News

This week there have been a couple of interesting developing in international business that can help us learn some important lessons about business.

US Tire Maker Titan International CEO Maurice Taylor Derides French Workers As Lazy For Putting In ‘Three Hours A Day’

First, it has been interesting to see the fall out after the CEO of US Tire Maker, Titan International responded negatively to the suggestion that they purchase a failing factory in France.  After outlining how he perceives the French workers as lazy and the financial burden of manufacturing in France, he summarizes his position by stating, ‘How stupid are we?’

I still find this to be an amazing situation.  It demonstrates the interaction (both positive and negative) that business and government necessarily have.  As communities seek to bring in large employers, they will invariable run in to all sorts of situations.  The key is to create an environment that allows for growth and success of all involved and incentivizes good behavior.  What type of relationship do you have with the governments where your business is located?

The next frontier
Economist Image Feb 21 2013

Tech in Africa.  This is definitely the next frontier and a welcome advancement.  Modern technology has created an unprecedented access to information and advancement.  Be giving some of the poorest of the poor access to information and resources that will improve their quality of life, we as a global community all improve.

Some of the current companies breaking are illustrated in the image to the left (from the Economist article).  What can your company do to make a difference in your local community or around the globe?  When you find ways to improve the lives of others, not only will it improve the community but it will always be a boon to your business.  Try to find ways to make things better around you and grow your business through service and community.

Building a Global Brand 

This is a great synopsis on how you can build a global brand while adapting to local markets.  The YouTube video is just a preview.  The full video is here: http://blogs.hbr.org/video/2013/02/building-a-global-brand.html


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  1. While many may not agree with his word choice, the message was delivered clearly and effectively. I, personally, find his delivery to be refreshing and would like to see more leaders begin to say exactly what they mean rather than saying what they mean as long as it sounds good.

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