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Generating traffic to a landing page, regardless of whether it’s an email opt-in page, a sales page, a video landing page, or some other form of a landing page is typically the easy part. The hard part comes in getting the users that land on your page to actually take the action that you want them to. If errors are made on the landing page, your conversion rates go down, causing a lack of purchases or submission of user information, which was your goal to begin with. To start with, avoid making the following landing page mistakes.

Unclear Call To Action

Many people have too many words on their landing page, making it hard for a user to figure out exactly what is wanted of them. If your landing page immediately confuses the reader with overcrowding and too many options, it will take the reader about 10 seconds before giving up and closing the page.

The webpages copy should be designed with specific objectives and goals in mind. Remember, you are sending people to the page for a specific reason, so the page should center on that, and that alone. If you want to get more people signing up to your newsletter then that should be the sole focus of the page. Having too many options is a common mistake that lowers your conversion rate considerably.

Misleading Ad Copy

The user clicked on your ad for a specific reason, and that is based on the word choice in your ad copy. If after clicking on the ad, they are lead to a page with an entirely different headline than what the ad claimed, they will be confused and in most case, leave immediately. Even if this was an honest mistake, it can lower your conversion rate. Avoid this by double-checking that the landing page has the same headline as what is in your ad copy.

Low-Quality Headlines

Speaking of headlines, you have more to consider than just getting the wording to match up with your ad copy’s wording. The headline should be of high quality and give the user a reason to stay on the landing page. A weak headline can get the user to give up on the page quickly. Do a quick split-test of different headlines until you find one that works best.

Keeping the Original Site Design

While it’s good to keep your website design on most webpages, a landing pages is completely different. Because you don’t want to steer the focus from your main objective, you should simplify the design on your landing page. This means a clean presentation with no overcrowding, as mentioned earlier. Remove the toolbar if possible, as this keeps the user looking at the task at hand.

Skimping on Quality

It’s tempting to worry more about the quantity of people visiting your landing page, and less on the quality of your content. However, this is only going to get you a lower conversion rate when people following the link leave the page after only a few seconds. Spend some time on your content’s quality to avoid this common mistake.

These are common mistakes that are easy to make, so don’t beat yourself up over it. If you’re guilty of them, a few tweaks should clear it up. Keep in mind that you don’t just want page views, you want the landing page to provide you with results.

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