Legal Professions That You May Be Interested In

Working in the legal profession is not a job you would associate with being exciting or fun, but there are some jobs that are more cool than others.  Nowadays the Legal Profession encompasses a varied and diverse number of careers that seem to be growing every day. Here we look at the most interesting jobs currently available in the world of the Legal Eagles.

Court Interpreters

With an ever-increasing amount of cultural diversity prevalent in our society, there is more need for translation services in every aspect of business. A skillful interpreter can command a very respectable salary and expect a varied and interesting career path. You will need to be extremely fluent in your chosen language and should think about how useful that one will be. If you speak perfect Spanish you may get regular work, but if you choose a lesser known code, you may only be required on occasion. Do some background checks into the most desirable second language to have and go from there. Some talented individuals can have a third or fourth language in their intellectual arsenal.

Court Reporter

Before you think about this line of work, you need to have extremely good stenographic typing speeds. If you can hit two hundred words per minute easily, then you are on the right track. You will be responsible for recording the spoken information during the court cases you attend. There is a shortage of reliable stenographers and as a result the salaries are very handsome. You will never know what court case you are reporting next and could even share the chamber with some infamous people!

Jury Consultant

As a jury consultant, you will help the lawyers to understand the way the jury are thinking and behaving. This insight will allow them to shape questions to the stand that appeal to the jury’s sense of justice. A clever jury consultant will be able to influence the outcome of the trial and can expect to earn a six figure salary for their trouble. You will need to have a keen interest in human nature and be able to judge someone’s character very accurately and swiftly.

Compliance Specialist

The compliance specialist is required to interrogate a company’s best practice and see if they fall into the government regulations, including the Sarbanes-Oxley act. These regulations are becoming more frequent and more precise, ensuring the specialists are always in demand. The work is hard and also requires a high level of commitment, but the salary more than compensates for these factors.


Also known as arbitrators, they tend to assist lawyers and clients in the pre-trial meetings. Many cases never make it to the court room thanks to the help of mediators. This saves money for all concerned and the mediators are well paid for their expertise. You need to be very patient but also very good at dealing with stressed people. An excellent knowledge of law is required plus the ability to know when to back off or push for your settlement.

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