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Too Many Business Cards? ‘CardMunch’ Them!

How often do we get back from a networking event with a stack full of business cards that we are not sure what we are going to do with them?  I know that I have stacks and stacks of business cards that never actually made it as a part of my contacts.  Recently, I was doing some research on ways to make it easier to transition those cards from afterthoughts to being actual contacts that I can use.  I came across the CardMunch app from LinkedIn.

CardMunch Splash Screen















CardMunch is an intuitive and free app that allows you to take a photo of the business card that you just received and that convert that card into a contact.  That contact then can be added to your phone’s contact list for easier access.

Step 1: Take a photo:

CardMunch Card Photo Taking














Just line up the card in the screen and take a photo.  Upon submission, the photo of the card is transcribed into a usable contact as such:

CardMunch Contact List














The individual contact displays as follows:

CardMunch Contact














The best news of all?  The app is FREE!  I also found the ability to connect via LinkedIn to be a very useful feature as it deepens the connection with the new contact.

I personally have enjoyed using CardMunch but would love to hear what apps work for your contact management.  Please leave a comment below with your insights and suggestions.

* All photos are from the CardMunch App page at the iTunes App Store.