That Voice In Your Head… Does It Inspire You?

What are the things that you are telling yourself?  How do you motivate yourself and your business to move forward and accomplish more?  What are your responses to the negativity that will invariably come? Business success is often determined by

Be Inspiring!

It is more and more apparent as each day goes by that things are difficult.  Financial markets are struggling.  People are increasingly more challenged and concerned.  The divide between communities, groups, and organizations is becoming increasingly more contentious and marked.

Navigating International Business: Lessons of a Boy Scout

When I was a young boy scout, I remember an experience I had while attending Scout Camp in Minnesota.  It was early in the summer and the camp we attended was right on a large lake.  While there, we had

Steady as She Goes…

Sometimes things in life do not happen at the time or in the way that we desire them to happen.  We make plans as families or business owners to accomplish certain goals or tasks but they often remain unattained or