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Get Inspired! Knowing What Motivates You Improves Your Business:

We are all motivated by different things.  Some take inspiration from friends and family.  Others look to nature and the world around them.  We even have famous examples or popular stories that connect us to people who would otherwise be strangers.  Inspiration is an excellent motivator and often calls us to action and increased success.  The key is taking the inspiration and doing something with it.  Here are some ways that you can use your inspiration to improve your business productivity:


It is critical that whenever you have one of those ‘Aha!’ moments that you write it down.  All too often we get a great idea but are pulled somewhere else and we do not follow-up on it.  Make sure that your write down what you feel inspired to do.  Also, make a note of what sparked the inspiration and map out in writing what you are going to do with the inspiration.


Create accountability by talking about how your were inspired.  It allows you to work through the possible kinks and get feedback on the direction that you are thinking about taking.  By ‘saying it out loud’, it makes things more real and it allows you to see how serious you are about the inspiration.  Also, it gives you help in executing the inspiration when properly discussed.


I have found that it is always useful to take some time to reflect and mediate on what is going on in life.  Take the things that you have written down and think about them.  Try to connect again with what motivated you and further develop the ideas and concepts that you are working with.  Give yourself a little time every day to be able to ponder and be inspired.


If it inspired you, revisit it.  Make sure that you have a plan to follow-up and improve on the ideas that have motivated you.  Put yourself in a position to be inspired again.  Always be ready to progress and grow by reviewing the things that are most important to you.