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Pros and Cons of In-House and Outsourced Telemarketing

Telemarketing is one of the most effective ways to extend the horizons of your business. And getting the right ones to do the most effective job is the uphill task. Especially when you are caught up in dilemma of an outsourced and in-house option, the best is to assess the needs of your business and then make that big decision. Based on your needs and the advantages and disadvantages discussed below, choose the right kind of telemarketing service and thereby get benefitted.

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In-house telemarketing


  • The first and foremost advantage of having an in-house telemarketing service is the direct access you have to the clients which is based on your business requirements.
  • By having the direct access, you can hire the right kind of people whom you need for the job and train them accordingly. So, managing your resources becomes an easy work saving your valuable time.
  • By having telemarketers at our own disposal, one can have a better insight of the happenings. Also, instant feedback is guaranteed when you have an in-house facility and thereby make changes accordingly.
  • Yet another great advantage is your company’s sensitive data will be preserved for good.
  • Above all, you can work independently without being bound by contracts.


  • Setting up the separate telemarketing unit is time-consuming.
  • Expensive when compared with outsourced service, as setting and managing the team needs a separate budget out of your company.
  • Especially if you are equipped with a small office space, sparing some space for the telemarketing unit is difficult.
  • If your business’ is on the downside, it has a direct influence on the telemarketing service, making the recovery phase difficult.

Outsourced telemarketing


  • Cost effectiveness is the prime reason for the large open market outsourced telemarketing firms have in the current market trend. With a dedicated work force already set in, these firms are able to offer professional service at affordable rates when compared to the in-house facilities. Especially, when the firm is in a country whose economic status is lesser than yours, it becomes a much preferred option.
  • With a dedicated work force, outsourced firms are able to meet their deadlines on time.
  • Saves our time in hiring people as the telemarketing firm has a dedicated team of workers who abide by all the rules and regulations of the telemarketing industry.
  • The whole process of telemarketing your products will run smoothly irrespective of the state of your business.


  • Finding an able telemarketing firm in the large pool of market is very difficult.
  • And if the telemarketers are poorly equipped in terms of the communication skills or product handling, it adds to the woos of your company further.
  • Unless and until you source your leads, these firms don’t generate good leads in accordance with your business.
  • Extending the contracts of the firms and its telemarketers takes up a lot of your business time.
  • Irrespective of your dominance over your business, few decisions need to be taken by the telemarketing firm which might breach few of your ideals.

With advantages and disadvantages on both sides, one needs to be wise while making the decision about telemarketing services, considering the priorities of the company.