The environment is becoming significantly more important to everyone as we are constantly bombarded with information about the damage that we’re causing to the planet. In light of this people are looking for green alternatives to everyday living, including construction.

Using shipping containers in construction is a great way to make use of an otherwise waste product. Most shipping containers are only ever used once because it costs more to ship them back to their original location than it does for companies to buy new ones which is why a lot of people have been trying to find other ways to use them effectively.

Shipping containers are now used as offices, toilet blocks, schools, playgrounds, community centres, hotels and homes. Since people have started to realise the benefits of building with shipping containers they’re used for just about everything. Some of the huge benefits are the strength, durability, cost and availability. As far as cost goes, they’re not expensive to buy compared to other construction materials and they’re built to last as they’re intended as ship cargo. The majority of shipping containers nowadays come from the clothing industry as companies aim to get their products to the widest market they can.

Shipping container buildings are so popular today that some of them have a real global presence and are recognised by almost everyone – to the same degree as some other huge global landmarks – like Puma City.

Nowadays shipping container buildings and homes are seen as a trendy way to be green and environmentally friendly while also setting the next trend. Shipping container houses, although popular, are still not a common sight so people looking for the next best thing will definitely be moving into these types of constructions soon.

However, as well as the positives of building with shipping containers you should also bear in mind the negatives including the fact that the coating that’s put on them in order to help them survive their journeys at sea is actually full of chemicals that are harmful to humans so they have to be stripped down in order to make them safe.

The floors inside the containers are also filled with harmful chemicals including arsenic in order to keep pests away from the contents so all of this also has to be treated in order to make the containers safe for people to use.

As well as getting rid of the harmful chemicals that are included in the shipping containers they also have to be somehow redesigned in order to create a habitable space which isn’t the cheapest thing to do.

Emily Woodhouse sells green and ethical clothing and she wanted a shop to reflect this so she bought shipping containers from CS Shipping Containers and had them stripped out and developed into the perfect store.

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