The Right Way To Hire An Expert Wikipedia Writer

Do you have expertise or unique insight into a particular topic? You might want to craft your own article on Wikipedia or assign it to an expert Wikipedia writer.

If the article is on your business, you might want to be extra careful. Articles need to be factual, reliable and neutral. Neutrality is crucial. If your article is found to have any bias or has a promotional tone, it will be rejected by Wikipedia editors. But you can be assured that even with a neutral article, you can use it as a great marketing tool.

Also if the article is vandalized or edited by competitors, you need to keep track and make the appropriate corrections. Or else business will move away from your site to others. An expert Wikipedia writer will track and monitor edits to your articles.

Fact Finding:

The expert writer will also be proficient in collecting facts relevant to the article. For this he or she might do offline as well as online research. If the website has authentic, extensively researched and relevant content, it will feature on top spots of search engine results pages.

For authenticity, your article must have clear citations and references. The better the number and quality of references, the better it is for the articles. Also the topic of the article must be notable or newsworthy.


A Wikipedia article provides for great exposure. It is the number one reference site on the web and people all over the world can have instant access to your article. It helms a high reputation as Wikipedia articles often feature at the top spots on search engine result pages. This simply means that when a net user submits a search query on a topic related to your article, your article on Wikipedia will figure on the top three spots of your search engine results.

When your article features on Wikipedia it will also garner the trust of readers. Your credibility improves when you are featured on a third-party site especially such a public information site as Wikipedia .It also helps that Wikipedia articles are devoid of  marketing tone and hyperbole. They contain factual information-that too reliable one-as they are based on reliable references.


You can also seek the help of the expert Wikipedia writer to fashion your image. You can shape the article according to your liking.  This is to counter any negative image posted by competitors. Your article must adhere strictly to the tough standards of the site. Even for this hiring an expert is useful as he will be familiar with the nuances of article creation and posting.


The expert can also offer translation of Wikipedia articles into several languages. He will monitor your article for any edits or vandalism and make appropriate changes. Anyone can change your Wikipedia profile. So you need to have extensive monitoring of the status and content of your article.

Wikipedia articles offer more comprehensive and richer citations to bibliographies both offline and online. It contains instantly updated information. An expert Wikipedia writer can ensure that an authentic and timely article is submitted to Wikipedia.

Trent Gray is an avid Wikipedia editor who advocates within the Wikipedia community on behalf of paid Wikipedia editors.

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